The Fair Gypsy Maiden


Also known as “Ari.” He appears to be a lovely young woman with crimson red hair and eyes. Despite his appearance, he is actually a man. He can be very flighty, but is always willing to help out a friend. He has a beautiful singing voice.


He is a gypsy from somewhere in the north. He was kidnapped and sold into slavery at a young age, but was rescued by gypsies and raised by them. He is currently trying to find his birthplace and possibly his parents.

After searching around he found out that his red hair and eyes were indicative of a magical heritage. After searching around he found out that he had dragon’s blood in his heritage. His father was a famous dragon hunter who fell in love with a half-dragon. They spent some time together, but he was eventually slain by a hunting dragon. She hid away and gave birth to Ari. She left Ari outside of a gypsy camp so that he might be safe and upon her return to the mountains was killed.

After Ari learned his family’s history he left to travel Eln, eventually coming across a pirate ship. He stole Captain Tarft’s ship, the Shining Gull, and sailed as its captain for some time. After Tarft recovered his ship, Ari was going to leave because of the trouble he caused. Tarft and the crew agreed and Ari was offered the position of First Mate. He accepted and now sails the seas with them.


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