The Champion Womanizer


He is a young man of average height with brown hair and light, golden-brown eyes. He is a womanizer and does not accept rejection. Although he philanders constantly, he is very friendly to everyone, including men. He eager to help and is wise beyond his years. Although he is considered detestable by many, he will always be willing to aid others through action or advice. His clothes are pristine and he does not wear armor; however, he can be seen carrying four swords on his body. He is a chain smoker.


He is a fallen paladin who used to work for the church of Heironeous. While serving in the church’s order he began to grow tired of the “righteous” teachings. When he met Malom he abandoned the church of Heironeous and helped Malom become champion of the Colosseum. Now he and Malom hold the title of Grand Champions.


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