[Deceased] Brendan Reed

The Iron Dragonfly


A handsome man that has fallen into despair after the death and kidnapping of his comrades. He wears a mask and suit at almost all times.


Leader of the Iron Dragonflies in Malkiftel. After Slevin was kidnapped, his comrades Linus and Lloyd were “murdered.” After these events he became paranoid and depressed. He blames the King of Thieves for their deaths and is planning to kill him.

When he tracked down the King of Thieves in his town he killed her and took her throne becoming the new King of Thieves. His actual goal in usurping the King of Thieves was to track down the true King of Thieves and question him on whether he is responsible for his comrades’ deaths. He eventually found the real one in the City of Thieves. He found out that they were causalities in his attempt to destroy that building to access a cache of gold underneath. Linus and Lloyd were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Brendan was severely injured while questioning the King.

When the Magi Incident was occurring, Brendan was mortally wounded. He sacrificed himself in order for King Timothy to be healed.

[Deceased] Brendan Reed

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