Captain Tarft

The Elder Captain


He is a grizzled old man with brown hair, blue eyes, an eye-patch, and a long beard. He is rather brash and can sound harsh, but is otherwise friendly.


He has been a pirate his entire life. He was born on a pirate ship to the captain of that vessel and later became its captain himself. That very ship, the Shining Gull, was stolen by someone who tricked him through means “so devious” he “can’t dare to discuss them without disgracing the ground itself.”

Arrinel was actually the one who stole his ship and tricked him by telling him there were “several women calling out his name at the tavern.” The crew is still not certain how they were convinced to set sail under a new captain, but they grew to enjoy Ari as captain over time. When Tarft is reunited with his ship and crew, Ari is going to give up being captain, but Tarft and the crew offer him the position of First Mate to stay with them.

Captain Tarft

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