"Jim," "Bill," "Frank," and "Ramiel"


A strange sludge that can be found in several forms.

Red dissolves unnatural components
Green dissolves natural components
Blue is created when Red and Green come into contact and quickly evaporates
Purple is created when Green comes into contact with water and is the food source of Red
Pink is created when Green comes in contact with fire and expands into a pressure explosion
Black forms a thin coating on any surface and protects against seemingly any color’s effect

The sludge also seems to be able to materialize itself as different people; however, they all share the same voice and personality. They are a human, half-elf, gnome, and old human man.


Created by a team of alchemists several years ago, it now has taken up their role after absorbing them as materials. It has the ability to produce any alchemical materials at will and seems to be an incredibly experienced alchemist.


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