Breathing Chaos


An old man with grey hair and grey eyes. He has a massive scar over his right eye. He speaks with innumerable different personalities who often talk to each other more than who they are addressing. The personalities range from friendly to malicious and change at random. The only form of clothing he wears is a ragged cloth loincloth resembling a diaper.


He is an incredibly powerful wizard who seems to have little control over his magical abilities. He casts spells at random and can never be sure of what will actually happen, often hurting even himself. He lives on Uun with his familiar Taelmati. His brother is Irr.

He was a member of Tetin’s party many years ago. After the group discovered the universe’s true history he went split off like the others. Although he did not kill himself like some of the others in the group, his mind could not handle the truth as well as Tetin or Irr and he was driven to insanity.


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