The Curious Keeper


A huge green dragon with a deep, raspy voice. He is very curious and likes to hear stories, even mundane ones. Despite being a chromatic dragon he is actually quite friendly; although, he will still not hesitate to bear his fangs if the moment warrants it.


The sole keeper of a small patch of forest to the south of the Other Side’s dragon graveyard. When people or other dragons enter his forest he will try to find out all he can about them before killing them. He knows the portal to Eln opens periodically inside of his forest and is therefore one of the very few beings on the Other Side to have been aware of Eln’s existence prior to the Magi Incident.

Walker’s many stories have entertained him often and he considers the strange immortal a friend, allowing him to pass through his forest freely (although will frequently interrupt for a chance at more stories and news from both Eln and the Other Side). Those that cannot entertain him are typically eaten.


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