Irina Zeston

The Zeston's Will


She is a somewhat tall, young woman with brown hair and eyes. She is very serious most of the time, but her demeanor can lighten when she is relaxed or around friends.


Born as the eldest daughter of the Zeston head family, she was raised as a soldier of the lawful teachings of Saint Cuthbert. At a young age she answered her call to become a paladin and became an official in the Eln Empire’s military. When the undead began moving closer to the Empire’s capital she was ordered to find as many able-bodied fighters as she could in order to protect the Empire and its land. She has three assistants assigned to aid her on her journey: Karrick, Temrit, and Lir’ka.

Her and her sister, Theia, are the last living members of the Zeston lineage. During the Magi Incident she watched her entire family be killed and was gravely wounded herself. The demigod who committed the acts told her to blame her sister, Theia, for “taking his lord’s power.”

Irina Zeston

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