Johnson Tewe

Camate Soldier -in-Training


He is a tall, rugged looking man with grey hair and brown eyes. He usually has a very serious look on his face, but is actually quite friendly.


He is a trainee in the Camate military. He was born is a relatively small town to the west of Coll, near the border. His family owned a farm in the territory that, at the time, belonged to the Marksers. He was raised by his mother and father on the farm along with his sister, Mary. He had to do a great deal of hard labor to help out with keeping the farm running, but enjoyed the time he spent with his family. His sister was quite fragile from a young age, often falling ill unexpectedly. The family members would take turns caring for her when she was sick and resting. She always felt bad that she didn’t work as hard as the rest of the family and on top of that they all cared for her in addition to their work. When tensions between Camate and the Marksers began to mount even more than before, they were caught in the struggle. Being a part of a coalition of relatively large farms, they all were ordered to double their output in order to provide for the Marksers’ troops. When their farm coalition told the Marksers that was impossible, they began kidnapping family members to force the farmers’ hands. Among the kidnapped was Mary. Mary was quite ill at the time they took her and the family was worried that she might not survive while captive. Johnson snuck away during the night and made a deal with a small Camate battalion near town. In exchange for food, he acquired armor and a sword in order to take his sister back. The Camate militia members warned him that it was suicide, but he was determined to save her. He snuck into the Marksers’ camp and located the tent the kidnapped family members were in. He managed to cut them loose, but not before he was found by several guards. He attempted to protect himself and the others, but due to his lack of training he was easily overpowered. It was then that the Camate militia charged in to help him. They were moved by his story and his town’s plight and could not just leave him to die. Together they managed to rescue the kidnapped and bring them back to their homes. When they arrived at the homes of several of the rescued people, they found them destroyed and on fire. Marksers had sent word of the breakout and were punishing the town. When Johnson and Mary returned to their home, they found it in ruin and their parents killed. They escaped with the Camate militia and, along with many of the townspeople, stayed there for some time. Luckily for Camate, the negligent destruction of the farms cost the Marksers vital resources and Camate was able to push them out of that area. After the initial fighting was over and Camate had claimed victory and control of the land, the townspeople rebuilt. Johnson ran a small farm while taking care of his sister. Unfortunately, after several years Mary’s body could not withstand any more sickness and she passed away peacefully in her sleep. At that point Johnson sold the farmland and enlisted in the Camate military. He swore to protect the country that helped protect him and his sister. His goal is to one day become a military guard in the town where he grew up and to one day start a family of his own there.

Johnson Tewe

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