The Ancient Dragon Slayer


A tall dark drow with white hair and seemingly empty eyes. He speaks in a serious tone and comes off as very unfriendly, but deeply cares about the safety and well being of other mortal beings.


A member of a practically extinct race of elves, he was born in the wilds of the Other Side thousands of years ago and learned to fight monsters and later dragons out of the necessity for survival. He disapproves of Hoentel’s current disrespectful treatment of the dragons after they kill them. Before the Colossuses protected the city he was one of the heroes who fended off the dragons. Instead of harvesting the bodies, he and the other dragon slayers would properly bury the dragons in the graveyard to retain their honor.

He is traveling to Eln in order to protect the unsuspecting, ill-prepared citizens from the dragons migrating there.


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