Markleptar El-Meilin

The Golden Monk


He is a bald man with a muscular physique. He speaks softly, calmly, and seems to be friendly. He can often seem aloof. In his dragon form he is a massive golden dragon with scales thicker than armored walls. He retains his tone, but his voice becomes noticeably raspier.


He does not travel much and instead prefers to take up residence in one place to simply meditate for long periods of time. When he meditates for long enough he will begin to glow with a brilliant gold color, but once he stops it will go away. He seems incredibly wise and well versed on many subjects, including magical and monk practices. He has a fondness for treasure, especially more artistic pieces.

He is actually an incredibly old gold dragon of at least 4,000 years of age. On the Other Side he was easily adopted as an elder and leader for the metallic dragons due to being both a gold dragon as well as the oldest living metallic dragon.

Markleptar El-Meilin

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