[Deceased] Martire

The Underelf Sorceress


A young drow female with white hair and red eyes. She is shy at first, but can quickly warm up to those who are friendly towards her.


Also known as “Marti” or “Rey.” She is a powerful sorcerer and a member of the Magi. She grew up in a normal drow society as a member of an educated, influential family. She always wished for the chance to live among the elves, but when the plan proposed by Leh’fir fell through, the drow that he brought with him were murdered. Among those drow were her mother and father. After they were murdered at the hands of the elves she cursed Corellon Larethian for his spite and elven society which caused her to join the Magi.

She died during the Magi Incident attempting to save Leh’fir.

[Deceased] Martire

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