President Kaan

The Hero President


A young-looking man of average height and dark skin. He speaks with a serious tone, but is friendly to most everyone. He is very proud of his city and eager to show it off and make it the best it can be.


He was born in the northern part of Hoentel and grew up near the North City Library. After graduating mandatory school he followed in his family’s footsteps and joined the military. His family has been honored for decades due to their exceptional Colossus piloting skills. After his father retired, Kaan became a Colossus pilot. He currently holds the record for most eliminated dragons and is revered as a hero throughout Hoentel. His fame is a large part of what got him elected as president at only 22 years old and what has kept him in office for almost two decades. He no longer pilots a Colossus, but his eldest son has since taken over piloting the family’s Colossus.

President Kaan

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