(Slevin “The Worst Spy Ever” Kelevra)

Tentacles's Character


Race: Changeling
Class: Spymaster
Alignment: CG
Deity: None
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 150
Eyes: Ivory
Skin: Pale Blue


Formerly known as “The Bloodhound.” He is a member of the Iron Dragonflies in Malkiftel and has a pet rat named Rizzo.

He was once a human, but after being “accidentally” killed by Gir he was reincarnated as a Korthian Minotaur by Ardel.

He died once again in Hoentel during a dragon attack while under the influence of fey magic. He was reincarnated again, this time into an asherati, by Auranel. Due to Auranel’s inexperience with reincarnation caused part of Slevin’s soul to be left out during the ritual.

Several weeks after his asherati reincarnation, he was killed yet another time. He was telling Iovrak about the party’s journeys when chaos dragons ambushed the group. Iovrak killed the chaos dragon attacking Slevin and although he would have liked to hear the rest of Slevin’s story, Slevin died in the process. He was later reincarnated by Ardel who used Irr’s portals to also retrieve the missing piece of Slevin’s soul and reincorporate it into his, once again, new body. When the advanced reincarnation ritual completed, Slevin came back as a mysterious shape-changing race Ardel called a “changeling.”

(Slevin “The Worst Spy Ever” Kelevra)

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