The Crow


A fierce, young woman with long, black hair.


She is in charge of magical affairs for the Iron Dragonflies. She is sad about her missing and dead comrades, but worries about Brendan’s mental state. She believes it was simply a terrible accident that claimed the lives of their friends and that taking on the King of Thieves is suicide.

When Brendan died in the Magi Incident she took over the Iron Dragonflies. When Farnui took over the Eln Empire, he ordered the public execution of all Malkiftel gangs including her and the rest of the Iron Dragonflies. They were beheaded in the center of town.

In actuality, Linus and Llyod were not dead and were actually mages the whole time. When Sonia’s cousin Njorska tipped her off Sonia, Linus, and Llyod helped the Iron Dragonflies escape hanging. The Dragonflies were trapped on another plane until Slevin helped them return.


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