The Unliving


He is a very young looking man with blonde hair and green eyes. He almost always has a sad, downtrodden expression on his face. Although he is extremely depressed, he is still quite polite and friendly.


He is a man that cannot die. No matter how many times he or others have tried, he cannot be killed. Even some of the most brutal of blows will bounce off of him like nothing and the most severe wounds will heal in seconds. He walks around Eln aimlessly, cursed to live on. After many people saw him wandering about he became known as “the walker.” Because he does not remember his real name, he adopted this as his name. He is good friends with Irr and frequently uses his portals to travel around Eln and the Other Side.

As far back as he can remember, he was already a grown man. He lived as a gypsy or possibly as a hermit in the area now known as Erin. When the Old World was destroyed and he survived without a scratch he discovered his immortality.


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