Eln Adventures

Story Summary (Part 4)

While on the back of the ancient gold dragon, Markleptar El-Meilin, the party shared their stories of the Magi Incident and heard about Markleptar’s own experiences. Grimmace asked Markleptar for one of his scales so that he could make armor and Markleptar agreed as long as her could managed to remove it himself. Grimmace repelled down Markleptar’s leg while still flying hundreds of feet in the air and after a great struggle managed to retrieve a single scale (a single scale larger than his entire body, that is). Before reaching the gateway through the other side, Markleptar easily regenerated the scale with a tap of his claw.
Passing through the gates the party saw the peculiar landscape of the Other Side as well as a number of the strange, unfamiliar creatures that lived there. After a while in the air they reached a massive summit in the heart of which many metallic dragons had perched themselves. This summit was home to the metallic dragon council and they would be beginning centuries of debates once the rest of the council arrived. Not realizing Markleptar had no intention of returning to Eln just yet the party consulted to two silver dragons in the form of half-elves on what to do next. The silver dragons told them about Hoentel and that, as the largest non-dragon civilization, it would be the party’s best hope of getting home.
The party hitched a ride with a bronze dragon to the bottom of the summit and, escaping his stories, started making their way south towards Hoentel. Hoentel is in the center of the most sacred dragon graveyard in the world so in order to get there they would need to make their way there carefully. On the way, however, they stumbled upon the lair of a blue dragon. The blue dragon played some tricks on them and ultimately attacked. The party were saved by a copper dragon distracting the blue dragon long enough for them to escape to some nearby ruins. They had nowhere safe to hide in the ruins apart from a cellar full of corpses, a place they did not wish to stay. Their only two options were head for a forest to the southeast or head to a rock formation due south. Getting close enough to the rock formation revealed a sulfur smell, indicating it was the very likely a red dragon’s lair.
They hid just in time to see a massive red dragon emerge and perch itself atop the rocks. It took off in the direction of where the blue and copper dragons were still fighting. The party hid in the cellar in the ruins and tried to hold out as the red dragon dropped the bloodied bodies of both the copper and blue dragons on the ground above them. Auranel summoned earth elementals to hold the ceiling up, but after some time the dragons’ territory dispute was too much and the ceiling collapsed. The red dragon breathed flames on the blue dragon, catching the corpses that the party were now hiding under on fire, forcing several of the likewise burning party members to roll out and put out their flames. The red dragon questioned the party and was intrigued by their peculiar smell long enough to learn they are from Eln. The party learned that the red dragon is named Shiodask and is mighty enough to hold territory as a chromatic dragon even this close to the metallic dragon summit. Before they are killed, the silver dragons from before swoop down to rescue them, propelling the party miles forward and out of immediate danger with gusts of wind.
The party continued south encountering a number of strange burrowing creatures that seemed to be stalking them. They began running and just before they were done for the pursuit stopped. The party had stepped on land that was less sandy and more craggy. They determined that this must be the edge of the dragon graveyard and whatever those creatures are, they dare not enter. They soon approach a large black dragon dressed in golden armor who seems to summon a fog that engulfs the party. The party attempts to wade their way through the fog only to have a second voice say “That is enough.” as the fog dissipated. They party notice that despite walking for what felt like hours they were only a few feet from where they started. As they once again approached the black dragon, it disintegrated into nothing but the armor and a skeleton as they passed it.
Continuing farther into the graveyard, the party encounter another dragon in similar golden armor, but this one seemingly being made of pure emerald. It simply watched them as the approached it, moving naturally as if it were made of flesh and muscle. When they questioned it about the black dragon, it informed them it was that dragon’s time, but refused to answer most of their other questions. At this point, the party continued south.
As the day turned to night they began to hear and see faint wisps of shadow move around them. As they picked up their pace it became clear that something seemingly literally made of shadows was following them. As they ran it began rising out of the shadows about to strike Ramiel when a massive spire in the distance fired several glowing bolts that struck the shadow dead when it crossed a mysterious red in on the ground.
A number of strange, horseless caravans approached the party and brought them into the vast city of Hoentel. The party quickly learned that Hoentel is far more advanced both technologically and magically than all of Eln. Upon learning they are from the other side of the mountain, they were put up in a hotel free of charge and told they would be fetched in the morning to meet with Hoentel’s leader. The party, beyond exhausted at this point, graciously accepted the accommodations. The next day they met with President Kaan only to have their meeting interrupted by black and white dragons attacking the city. Alarms sounded and the party was brought underground with the president to see first hand the “Colossuses.” These massive creatures are formed from a lineage’s genes spliced with an ancient race of giants and allow the city of Hoentel to fight off the dragons that so often attack the city. After the battle finishes they party are told to enjoy their time in the city, but are informed that Hoentel has no means for them to reach Eln.
The party explores the city and its vast libraries in order to soak up as much information as they can. They sell gold and gems in order to get some korba to afford new clothes and items. They also learn of a man called Walker who has, for many years, told stories of a land called “Eln” that most simply took to be fairy tales. The party managed to track down Walker who told them about a portal he planned to use in a month’s time that can take them all back to Eln. At the same time they also learned that the journey through the graveyard that seemed like hours had actually been over 6 months of time, most likely due to the fog brought on by the black dragon at the start of the graveyard. They learned that Farnui was now head of the Eln Empire and the changes to Eln that followed his crowning.
While biding their time until they can leave through the portal with Walker, the party has split up over Hoentel. However, it has not been all peaceful. Several days after the party met Walker, Hoentel was attacked yet again, this time by numerous dragons. Slevin had been under the influence of what he believed was a super powerful drug called “the block.” In actuality it was a fey enchantment used as a prank to make people think the block had special properties. While under its influence the dragons’ combined frightful presences caused him to have a heart attack and bleed to death internally. He was later reincarnated as an asherati by Auranel. Luckily Minae avoided death by being rescued by a dragon slayer who Theia and her befriended the day before the attack. Now simply killing time until their journey home, the party have continued their separate tasks. Celestine is waiting to auction off his bow, which has been identified as a rare Olympian metal worth hundreds of thousands. Grimmace has been working on his armor he is building out of the scale given to him by Markleptar. Minae and Auranel spend most of their day playing with their animal companions in the park; an act that many view as a performance, earning them small amounts of korba. Ramiel has traded in his human body to become a “warforged,” a mechanical being frequently seen on the Other Side. He has been spending the month becoming accustomed to his new body. Theia spends most of her time absorbing as much information from the library as she can. Lastly, Slevin has been exploring and doing his part in the Hoentel society (and underground society) as well as yet again becoming accustomed to a new body.

Story Summary (Part 3)

The party wakes up in a an unfamiliar room that appears to be some sort of infirmary. There is a figure sitting at a desk at the far end of the room at which point the party notice Baron Zepon’s unique hat next to the figure. Zepon notices they are waking up and stands up to greet them. The party, still slowly making their way into consciousness manage to remember that Zepon lost his legs at the end of the Magi Incident. When they question Zepon he shows them his new mechanical legs built for him by Raeritt. The party members are wobbly and weak and as they regain their barrings Zepon explains that the survivors of the Magi Incident are now pretty much recovered and back to their usual lives. Zepon leaves, but neglects to inform the party of exactly how long they were unconcious. Believing it to not have been more than several days since the incident the party venture out of the infirmary.
They find themselves in a port town in southern Feln. To ease themselves back into normal life they all decide to hit the tavern. There they are seated next to an old man ordering strange items off the menu. They find out that this man is Captain Tarft, a famous pirate captain who has recently had his beloved ship stolen. The party agrees to help him steal it back and in the night they steal an Eln Empire ship and set sail. While on the ship they soon discover that the captain they knocked out to gain access to the ship as well as the navigator are also pirates who had actually kidnapped the ship’s crew just moments before the party kidnapped them as well. They had been hunting down the person who stole Tarft’s ship as they were causing a ruckus for everyone, other pirates included.
They eventually find the ship and learn that it is none other than their old friend Arrinel who took over the ship. The crew could not explain how, but he was simply so convincing they set sail without even questioning whether they should get the captain. Tarft liked Arrinel and let bygones be bygones, especially with how much his crew liked him, so he offered Ari the position of First Mate. Ari will accept, but explain that the reason he needed a ship in the first place was to deliver a letter he got from high up on the mountains. He discovered his heritage lies with dragons, explaining his magic inclination and red hair and eyes. The dragons he met gave him a letter to give to a “Taelmati” located on Uun, but he got distracted by piracy on the way. He also mentions that it has actually been three months since the Magi Incident.
The party will agree to deliver the letter for him in exchange for afterwards the pirates dropping the party off anywhere they wanted. On the way to the island they made a stop in Shur which was mysteriously covered in entirety in a continually burning flame. The party decided to explore this mystery later and continued on to Maelt to resupply and then Uun. When they landed on Uun the party explored around until they came across a strange hut under a rock formation. They were soon met by who seemed to be the owner of the hut returning. The man was Gir and was obviously mentally unstable, speaking in continually changing tones and personalities. He wielded great magic, but had no control over how it happened or who it hit. The party was then met by a naked woman claiming to be Gir’s familiar, Taelmati. The party gave her the letter and she explained that because the dragons’ own gods had perished they needed leaders to step up and control the populations of dragons on the now open Other Side of the mountain, but she is uninterested in the dealings of other dragons. She allows the party to have her invitation in case they wish to use it to explore the Other Side.
Since waking up in Feln, Kurn had been acting strangely. He was more violent and short tempered as opposed to his former self fueld with justice and righteousness. The party had begun to take notice, but not before Gir switched to a rather violent personality who was not able to be calmed down by the other personalities. He threatened Kurn and Kurn stood his ground. Kurn rashly snaps back and they agree to a fist fight outside of the tent. They exchange a few blows, but despite agreeing to not use magic Gir throws a fist that appears to spark as it stops just in front of Kurn’s face. Taelmati begins to slowly back away and several party members and Ari follow suit. Moments later Slevin explodes in a spontaneous, firey eruption leaving a crater in the sand.
While most are distracted by Slevin’s strange demise and Gir examines his hand, Taelmati approaches Kurn. She taps his forehead and proceeds to tear out his soul and put it into a bottle. As his body collapses lifelessly onto the ground the party questions what she is doing. Taelmati will explain that Kurn had a residual amount of divinity still bound to his soul which is what was throwing his personality out of balance. She will need to keep his soul in order to study it. When party attempts to retrieve the bottle they cannot reach it due to some sort of barrier. They are forced to abandon Kurn, but are pointed towards Teppirn as a place they can “reincarnate” Slevin into a new body. When the party returns to the boat they learn there is a stowaway by the name of Celestine Valentine whose life the crew spares as long as he works his weight.
The party departs and lands on the northern coast of Teppirn and, along with Celestine, they disembark. They are soon met with a dense forest that appears to have recently been trampled by soldiers. The trees seem to be blocking their pathway deeper into the forest as they attempt to reach the inner depths. Before they harm the trees to make their way inside, Minae stops them. Noticing this, a wood elf appears from inside the forest and asks the party who they are. Learning they are not the Eln Empire that trampled this area before he introduces himself as Urteel and invites them into the woods.
The party makes their way through the dense woods and reaches a clearing full of strange creatures, animals behaving like men, and men behaving like animals. People are singing, dancing, and the whole area appears to be one giant party. They are greeted by an elderly man dressed in a robe made of leaves who introduces himself as Ardel. Before the party can introduce themselves he invites them to join the festivities. The party learn that Teppirn is a land of nature ruled only by the laws of nature, left alone for centuries. Although they were thought to have gone extinct, many druids populate the dense forests there. Although the residents are tasked with keeping balance in the forest, they party and relax often, much to Urteel’s chagrin.
The party decides to explore aroundat which point they are all seemingly pushed through trees. Each party member falls out of a separate tree somewhere on the island. As they make their way around several of the party members discover the southern portions of the island they are now on are populated by dinosaurs. The party members who arrived in the middle area of Teppirn learn they are trespassing on a sacred grove. Gigantic treants politely inform those members of where they are and, albeit slowly, help them draw a map to get back to the druids. The party members in the south are chased around and almost eaten before an earth-shaking roar can be heard. The dinosaurs currently pursuing the individual party members (some of which had found each other) scatter. A dinosaur of massive size known as “the Mother” will rise over the treetops and begin making its way towards the party members. The party members will make their way to shore where they are rescued by Ardel riding on the back of a colossal bird known as a roc.
Ardel gets those members back to safety and likewise retrieves the members in the sacred grove. Before they continue they realize the monk, Ahna, is still missing. The party learns that their being pushed through trees was a pixie prank and when questioned the pixies lead the group to where Ahna should have emerged. With the help of a dryad’s scrying they learn that immediately after exiting the tree, Ahan dropped into a portal, but the dryad is not skilled enough to know where it led.
Ardel takes the rest of the party back to the main camp to find someone woke up his two horrid bear companions who are now wreaking havoc on the area of the festivities. With nothing more than a quick whistle the two gigantic, chitinous bears heel and return to their napping spot after Ardel calmly pets them. The party goers swiftly pick themselves back up and continue the festivities as if nothing had happened. Ardel introduces the party to his granddaughter, Auranel, and says that they can reincarnate Slevin in the morning.
In the morning Ardel uses a special form of reincarnation to bring Slevin back, this time in the form of a Korthian Minotaur. While Slevin gets accustomed to his new body the party offers to take Auranel with them after she expresses a wish to see the outside world. Although Urteel does not approve, her grandfather thinks it is a splendid idea. Auranel will call her animal companion, Spot, who surprises the party by being one of the very same type of dinosaurs that chased them in the south, a fleshraker.
The party will then disembark for Ift where they split up with the pirates. The party make a deal with smugglers under the guise of Eln Empire cargomen to smuggle them past Empire waters, but are double-crossed and sold into the Eln Empire’s military. They are taken to a training camp in Ren, all the while not being recognized as wanted criminals after the chaos the Magi Incident has caused in the world. They learn that the Empire has become a military police state and people are being forcibly drafted as well as sold into conscription on a daily basis. At the training camp several of them show a great deal of prowess earning them a better standing. They learn of an assassin called Ret, short for “the Empire’s Retribution.” The party members are assigned to units to patrol the palace halls in order to stop any attempts on congress members’ lives. Ret had threatened to kill a particular congress member, a representative from Hilm, and although Grimmace almost managed to stop him, Ret succeeded in his assassination. Ret seemingly disappeared into thin air after silently jumping through a window, implying he had some sort of magical inclination.
The next day Ret issued a threat on the Emperor’s life to which all available personnel were sent to the palace to protect him. The party met Ret after chasing him through the halls of the palace. They learned of his plan to rig explosives in the offices of the congress members, using his threat on the Emperor’s life as a decoy. The party, sharing a distaste for the Eln Empire, especially their new policies, allowed him the carry out his plan. The next morning, in the Congress’s hubris, the Congress met to gloat about Ret’s failed attempt on the glorious Emperor’s life. The party assumed the explosives were targeted, but that very same morning during a congressional meeting, the entire palace was blown sky high killing all inside and around the palace. Great masses of treasure from the vaults were revealed and Ret projected a vision to the people of Ren telling them to take back the riches that were so rightfully theirs as the Empire was no more.
The party was split between those who wanted to help themselves to treasure and those who wanted to take the opportunity to flee. Likewise, much of the drafted military there were having the same conflict while personnel were being loaded into caravans to protect the palace wealth. The party, in large part due to Auranel’s curiosity, rushed towards the treasure, collecting a great deal of wealth and loading it into abandoned caravans. While collecting treasure Theia found a mace belonging to Cuthbert and kept it. The party found a number of other treasures including a strange, metallic bow which Celestine kept. While in the pile of treasure they also noticed a man who perfectly fit Ahna’s description of the monk who helped her with her weapon last time they were in the city. He was collecting art and other valuables from the pile as well as what appeared to be Thor’s hammer, an item he managed to pick up with ease.
Markleptar helped them bring their treasure to his house and hid it underneath by literally picking up a chunk of the ground and putting it back on top the treasures. The party questioned his true nature and upon showing him the invite meant for Taelmati he revealed he is actually an ancient gold dragon. He transformed into his true form and offered to let the party tag along with him to the Other Side.

Story Summary (Part 2)

On his route away from Coll, Slevin stumbled on what appears to be an assassination plan most likely aimed at King Timothy. He manages to hitch a ride with them back to Coll where he and Ramiel aid in saving Bascus. Timothy did not really need saving, but was extremely grateful for their help in saving his advisor.
Needing a master kidnapper, the party hires Baron Zepon to break them out of prison and escape to Colosseum City. There they met Malom and Bon, the Colosseum champions. That night the party meets Tetin and Niternil who have to promptly leave to “bail out Leh’fir.” Afterwards Grimmace meets “the Watcher” (a.k.a. Man) and is given a strange dagger wrapped in a cloth that burns his skin if he touches it. The party was given tickets to see the Colosseum matches live by Malom (as an apology for Bon hitting on the girls) where they learned that their missing weapons were a part of the current Colosseum grand prize. Along with their new friend Kurn Lumeris, the party was soon roped into competing in the Colosseum in order to get their weapons back. They won a handful of matches before losing a close match against strange creatures, one of which being a large, moving tree. They all woke up in the Colosseum infirmary days later, after the grand finals had completed, under the care of Theia Zeston. They were almost immediately approached by Eln Empire officers who had tracked them to the city, but were rescued by Malom and Bon who killed the guards. Malom and Bon stole the grand prize back for the party (an act they did not need to commit as they had rightfully won the prize just minutes before that). All of them together escaped Erin and headed towards Malkiftel.
Malom and Bon were headed for the Crucible, but were willing to make a pit-stop in the City of Thieves so the party and them could sight-see. After assembling the clues throughout the city, the party successfully navigated their way through the heart of the labyrinth and met the real King of Thieves. At his feet was a severely injured Brendan Reeves who had attempted to confront the King of Thieves for his alleged hand in the deaths of members of the Iron Dragnflies. The party managed to convince Brendan that the King of Thieves most likely had no hand in their murder after all and helped him exit the labyrinth. Upon leaving the labyrinth they were quickly greeted by a nearly naked Bon and a blood-soaked Malom who were running from a horde of Areosi gang thugs. Bon had slept with the gang leader’s wife so the gang leader ordered them to be killed. Malom swiftly decapitated him (the head which he casually tossed to the party chiming “Catch!” as the duo ran past). After a brief scuffle the party came out unharmed and now had a master key to open any Areosi storehouse in Malkiftel.
As they were leaving the City of Thieves they ran into Baron Zepon and his flying machine yet again. The party at that point believed they had solved the Magi’s 9 Keys and set out to bring the Keys with them, picking up Timothy on the way, to the Magi’s Tree. Upon reaching the Tree, Tetin silently noticed that although the party’s assumptions on which person was which key were wrong, they had managed to bring properly fitting individuals nonetheless. At that point the Magi began their plan to cut off their plane from the remaining outer planes.
Shortly after starting it appeared that Tetin noticed something wrong and began frantically running around the tree shouting about things not being right. Almost immediately after that the ground shattered and armies descended from the heavens. The land was being devastated by holy armies while the party was surrounded by demigods. The party felt their bodies become heavy and overwhelmed with power when the process started and Tetin explained that they made an error in execution and instead of cutting off the outer planes they were now siphoning divine energy from the other planes and, in particular, the gods on them. The individuals at the base of the tree were all infused with this divine power and Tetin explained that only someone of his magical caliber could handle it without being torn apart. He pleaded with those present to give their energy to him so he could stop and reverse the process, quelling the gods’ wrath.
Everyone is shown visions of the world and people they love being destroyed and killed as the demigods surround them. Tetin informs them that they are safe as long as they have the gods’ power as a hostage, but the raw power will surely kill most of those present there. Alternir is the first to grab Tetin’s arm, sending Tetin his divinity. He looks around to his friends expressing his sentiment that he’s lost one family in the past and is determined to not go through that again. As his eyes meet Niternil’s he is struck in the chest with an attack from a demigod and killing him instantly. The demigods had just received new orders to not allow that much divinity to be gathered in one person. Tetin will erect a barrier as Niternil will begin crying over Alternir’s body. She reaches up and grabs Tetin’s hand, transferring her power to him. Due to the power transfer, Tetin’s power became unstable for a moment allowing a bolt to fly through striking Niternil directly in the head, killing her as well. Her body collapsed lifelessly onto Alternir’s as the remaining Magi looked on in grief. Tetin continued to hold back the demigods and their attacks, but the toll this takes on his body is visible as he drops to a knee.
Raeritt and Zepon attempt to make their own shield long enough for others to give their power to Tetin, but those with less magic inclination have a great deal of trouble even moving towards Tetin under the burden of the dvine energies in their bodies. When they make their barrier and Tetin drops his Martire shouts, “Now’s your chance!” to which Brendan pleaded with the party, “Just stand there if you want to die!” before he and Timothy rushed to give their divinity to Tetin. Leh’fir has likewise been helping abate the demigods slightly, but has remained unusually silent. Malom questioned Leh’fir on why he had not “surrendered” his power like his Magi friends had to which Timothy will quickly pose the same question to Malom. Malom will respond that he is enjoying the new surge of power, to which it seems he is rapidly becoming accustomed to, at which point Bon will place his hand on Malom’s shoulder. Malom will notice Bon is not doing so well and respond “Ha, you’re right! I don’t need this crummy power anyway!” as he helps Bon over towards Tetin so they can give their divinities over as well.
Tetin will appear greatly reinvigorated, but not before Rareitt and Zepon’s barrier gives out. Leh’fir will attempt to hold back the demigod advance, but he is clearly not enough to hold them for long. Grimmace, not trusting Tetin, transferred his power to Leh’fir while the rest party followed in transferring their power to Tetin allowing Tetin to rise back to his feet and tell Leh’fir he can take it from there, sending a burst of energy out that pushes the demigods back. As the demigods recover to their feet, Raeritt and Zepon use the opportunity to transfer their power to Tetin.
Tetin, now possessing everyone’s power apart from Leh’fir’s will look to him and reach out saying, “Leh’fir, my friend, all I need now is yours and we can save our plane. Our home. Our loved ones!”
“Isn’t that convenient?” Leh’fir finally chimed with a strangely indignant tone. “Transfer the power to you making you the most powerful being in existence? I trusted you, Tetin. Why would you stoop so low?”
“Leh’fir, this is no time for ramblings! Quickly, before all is lost!” Tetin pleaded.
Martire will interject with a panicked tone, “Leh’fir, think of Lirin! Think of your sister!” as she motions towards the visions in the sky now depicting his home on Aldrir in flames.
Leh’fir will respond with a calm tone, “I am, Rey. That’s why I refuse to give up this power. Tetin has lied to us all.”
The party questioned Leh’fir on what he was talking about to which he will continue, “At first I thought it could be possible. We could have made a grave miscalculation with the tree… but how? When has Tetin ever been wrong? Even the most mundane task must be exact before he will act. How could something so important go so gravely wrong?!”
Raeritt will respond, “There’s a first time for everything, Leh’fir. He even said it himself, he foresaw this, but hoped it wouldn’t occur.”
Leh’fir will snap back with added vigor, “But it has occurred! And who is the one holding all that power?!”
Tetin, still straining to hold back the now growing force of demigods and holy soldiers, will once again chime in, “Leh’fir, you know I am the only one with the knowledge to wield such power. Anyone else would endanger those he tries to save!”
Leh’fir will begin to slowly approach Tetin, “Knowledge. Indeed an important word. ‘Knowledge to rival the gods’ as well all praised. Funny how you are so willing to share your vast stores of information and yet… nobody ever questions it.” He will stop a few feet away from Tetin and ask, “Tetin, how do you know so much?”
Tetin will smile and sigh towards the ground. He will look towards Alternir and Niternil’s corpses, “I’m sorry, my friend.”
Martire will run to block a blast from Tetin just before it strikes Leh’fir, maiming her body immensely. Leh’fir will then charge Tetin and stab him with a dagger. Tetin will respond, “Do you really believe this is enough to stop me?”
Leh’fir will look him in there eyes and respond, “You tell me.”
Tetin will look down at the dagger and sigh. When he pulls it out he will look at Leh’fir and say, “It seems you have some powerful friends.”
As Leh’fir backs away he returns to his calm tone, “And now the power of the gods will perish with you.”
Tetin will fall to his knees, but grasp Leh’fir’s hand before he is too far away, looking up to speak the words, “Not quite.” Tetin will transfer all of his power to Leh’fir, the act of which allows the demigods to advance once again. Immediately Brendan and Timothy are struck down. Zepon will rush to their aid only to have his legs cleaved off in the process. While Leh’fir and Tetin are engulfed in a blinding light, the individuals at the base of the tree fight off the demigods with the help of the residual divinity still making its way out of their systems. After a short time of battling everyone will hear a shout of “Enough!” as Leh’fir waves his hand towards the demigods as they drop one after the other. Leh’fir will motion right towards what appears to be an unimaginably large army and say, “The great armies of many gods have joined as one and are advancing on our position.” Leh’fir will then wave his hand towards the ground causing it to rend, upturning the entire joint-army.
He will begin to stumble, clearly very distraught. “This power is not meant to be held within one being.” Glowing cracks will begin forming over his face and body. At this point, a familiar voice will be heard from an unknown source, “That should be enough.” A hand will suddenly pierce though Leh’fir’s back and out his chest. The hand will pass back out and as Leh’fir falls he will murmur, “I’m sorry… Lirin…”
The arm that pierced Leh’fir can now clearly be seen as beloning to “the Watcher.” He lifts his pants leg revealing he has no leg there, simply empty space, “Even giving you both those daggers has taken its toll.” As he says this his arm begins to fade away as well, “Seems like this one was pretty bad. Not much time left for me at all.” He’ll pull out a cigarette and light it as both he and Leh’fir’s corpse begin to disintigrate into glowing dust that fades shortly after leaving the body.
When the party questions his identity “the Watcher” will explain that he is the eldest of the original Old Gods and tell the story of Eln’s true history. By the time he finishes he will be nothing more than an ambient voice and a disembodied hand. The sky will flicker and many of the clouds covering the mountain tops will disappear as he speaks his final words, “This new world is one without gods, but that does not mean it is without hardship or without pleasure. Make with it as you will.” He will toss Tetin’s journal to the party before his fingertips disappear into nothingness along with Leh’fir’s body.
Before they can figure out what to do next, both Timothy and Brendan are in critical condition. Raeritt can save only one of them, but the decision needs to be made immediately. Timothy says to save Brendan, but Brendan will insist that Timothy is far more important due to his position as king. Brended orders Slevin to kill him so that there is no possible argument. Shortly after, the entire party passes out from exhaustion.

Story Summary (Part 1)

The members of the party wake up in an unknown place in extremely large shackles. They do not know who each other are or how they came to be in this place. The shackles appear to be mithril and have an ornate BZ etched into them. Ahna, the monk, and Minae, the ranger, have their shackles connected.
They discover that they are in the Dead Lands and begin walking along the Long Green in order to find a suitable path out. They were warned not to enter the forest as there are terrible things that lurk inside of it, but they venture in anyway. Along the way they meet two men who have been living in the forest. The larger one, Barth, wields a wrecking ball of shackles and can easily snap a tree with it. The men explain that the real reason people die in the forest is because of the bandits that patrol the outer edge and asks them to join him in trying to take them down so they can all escape together. The party tentatively agrees and they turn in for the night. Grimmace, the blacksmith, is left on watch but succumbs to a sleep effect. The party is attacked by the two men who are revealed to be cannibals and the real reason people have been dieing in this part of the forest.
They convince Barth to side with them and kill the other man. They then confront the bandits at the outer edge of the forest. They kill all but one, an elven bandit, and Barth dies in the process. The elf cuts their shackles’ chains and points them in the direction of the bridge across the West Run and into “the Contested.”
In “the Contested” they find better clothes, using the cut mithril links as currency. They make their way to South Korth, letting the ranger go ahead in a carriage due to her wounds from the battles.
The group needed to remove their shackles, but the guards would not let them into the forge. Grim went to the head of operations to attempt to gain access and stumbled into an argument between the operations manager and Maer, South Korth’s Captain of the Guard. Maer needed more experienced soldiers to help her stopping a “small advance” by North Korth on the border. The two noticed Grim and Maer bet that even the unknown dwarf is probably more experienced than the greenhorns he sent to her. Afterwards Maer stormed out of the office, Grim in tow.
Meanwhile, Ramiel, the alchemist, discovered a strange alchemy lab and met Fluffy.
In addition, Slevin was reunited with his pet rat and met Arrinel, a gypsy attempting to get aid to help his fellow gypsies out of North Korth.
Ahna, in an attempt to access the South Korth library, ended up going between two retired adventurers and, with the help of Grim, managed to get the two ex-adventurers’ records of their journey.
When they were finally allowed into the forge after agreeing to aid Maer, they all had their shackles removed and were given armor and weapons. The next morning they all made their way to the border only to discover it was all a trap to capture Maer. They met King Farnui and Rallen, who turned out to have been undercover as the elven bandit from a few days back, before being thrown into the dungeon. In the North Korth dungeon they discovered Ari’s fellow gypsies. Thanks to some trickery on Ari and the party’s accord they managed to escape the cells and get their items back only to be foiled before making it out of the castle. Slevin managed to not be noticed while disguised as a North Korth guard.
They agreed to bring Queen Uhren to North Korth to witness a set of games pitting Maer against Rallen for Maer to play for her life. An Eln Empire representative chose the tasks and in the end Maer was victorious thanks to Slevin’s clever plan. Victorious they were allowed to return to South Korth to show the Empire representative, who was acting as judge, good faith. Back in South Korth they were rewarded for their help in saving Maer.
The party, along with Ari, then headed through Tetr and into Opp’n. The stopped into the capital, Ool, where they met Coach, an Adventurer’s Guild representative. They gathered supplies and Ramiel discovered Fluffy had moved into his home and shop in Ool. After gathering some information on Baron Zepon, they headed north to Grim’s home where apparently devils had begun moving into this plane.
When they arrived they found the entire town wiped out and Coach, who left ahead of them, battling several devils. After defeating most of the lesser ones, they watched as Coach wrestled with a large Horned Devil before the match was interrupted by the arrival of Ar’telok. The party learned that Baator, the plane of hell, had been destroyed and the arch-devils all slain with it. Ar’telok was there to conquer this plane and make it a new hell. He fled when he discovered this is the plane that is home to “the Magi.”
After returning to the capital to rest and parting ways with Ari, they made their way to Malkiftel. At the Eln Empire Base they cashed in the receipt for the devil mission netting the newly formed “Wandering Savants” 1 million Hon into their account. They then made their way to the town of Malkom where they discovered a labyrinth underneath Malkiftel. They traversed the labyrinth only to discover the King of Thieves in an underground library. He had been the one stealing the smokers, a potent drug, from the people of Malkom, but allowed the party to take all the smokers and some blacksmithing books in exchange for the adventurers’ compendium. They sold most of the smokers, but kept a large number for themselves, much to Slevin’s delight.
They then made their way to Trillan, Slevin’s home, only to discover two of Slevin’s fellow Iron Dragonflies had been killed when a building collapsed on them. The head of the Iron Dragonflies, Brendan Reed, was convinced the King of Thieves was behind the incident, causing Sonia to worry about his mental state. When they ventured into the labyrinth, they discovered a different King of Thieves at the end this time. This king was a woman with many other women around her throne instead of books. Brendan immediately killed her and donned her mask before sitting in her throne. Ramiel threatened Brendan before the party left, leaving him there and both Slevin and Sonia hoping their boss was doing the right thing.
Meanwhile, Ahna had been kidnapped and was being sold as an exotic slave. The party rescued her, also rescuing around 40 orphan children in the process.
The party then made their way to Minae’s home in Sismäll. Once at her home they left the orphans, much to her parents “delight,” and ventured to Ferr. The animals had apparently been acting strangely lately and when they arrived it was as if they were guarding to prevent anyone from entering the forest. The party managed to get past the animals, but as the ventured through the forest they found a number of illusions and traps set. When they got to about the center they were dropped into holes repeatedly by use of magic. Eventually they were freed and a kind elf that they met in Opp’n brought them into a magical bubble deeper in the forest. There is where they met the various members of the Magi. Tetin was in his room and the party was informed not to disturb him. The party stayed with the Magi for several days before Tetin emerged and informed them it was safe to leave then. The party left with newfound knowledge and several magical items and enchantments courtesy of Raeritt.
The party then went to Tüll and met Coach once again. Coach gave them a mission for killing a Hill Giant that had been terrorizing farms under a bandit organization’s orders. The party killed the giant and because of their great work, Coach gave them the mission to kill all of the bandits that had been plaguing the farms of Sismäll. Slevin infiltrated the bandits and when ordered to get the giant’s corpse back to their base up the hill, he got help from Grim. This made the bandits suspicious and Grim was questioned. The other party members eventually made their entrance and it culminated into a slaughter of bandit after bandit, majority thanks to Grim. During the fight, the ranger created vines and brambles to tangle the bandits. These plants caught on fire when several flasks fell on them, causing a massive burning pile of plant matter and bandit corpses. When a container of Fluffy was dropped on the fire it expanded and resulted in a massive pressure explosion.
When the party returned they were praised for wiping out the bandits and invited to have an audience with the Eln Empire’s Emperor. Before leaving they met Alternir and Raeritt and were invited for a drink. That night Slevin and Raeritt shared a bed, leaving Slevin in a great deal of pain the next morning due to Raeritt’s violent mating habits.
When they arrived in Ren they all split up to take care of various tasks. Ahna went to find someone to help enchant her weapon and after a while discovered, on the outskirts of the city, a glowing man, Markleptar El-Meilin, who offered to help her in exchange for a piece of art worth however much Ahna believed the enchants would be worth. Ahna attended an auction the next day to acquire a vase the man found suitable.
Meanwhile, Grim and Minae met Leh’fir again and were invited to stay at his home in Ren for the night. Slevin was partaking in one of Ren’s many red light districts before joining them with Leh’fir. That night Leh’fir told them more about the Magi’s goals and the party offerend to help look for the 9 Keys. Ramiel got a hotel room. The next morning they all met up and had their audience with the eccentric Emperor who gave them all a distinction for their great service to the Empire. Wandering Savants was then given a mission to convince King Timothy to yield to the Empire or kill him.
Before leaving, Slevin met a palace cleric and began to court her. At the same time, Ramiel created several potions with the purpose of causing Slevin to become impotent. He planned to do so to teach Slevin a lesson about self control. Ramiel gave the potion to Slevin who took some himself and also slipped some into the cleric’s drink without knowing what it was. When he found he could not get it up any longer he left. On the journey to Camate, Slevin became extremely ill and a day later they received a letter informing them Slevin and Ramiel were wanted for the murder of the palace cleric. As Slevin grew sicker, they realized the alchemist’s potion was to blame. Ramiel made what he thought was a cure, but due to a mix up during testing the potion did not work Slevin had hoped. The potion cured Slevin’s sickness, but caused the impotence to become permanent.
Once in Camate they were greeted by a cheerful stable boy, Tim. Upon reaching the keep they learned that King Timothy was not there and would most likely not be back until this evening. Slevin split off and found the stable boy working at the inn and helped him in his work. Later they helped out the bartender unload crates and then met up with a girl named Paige in order to sweep the streets. The rest of the party met up with them and helped sweep as well. All the while Tim avoided the somewhat obvious fact that he was actually King Timothy before offering to check out the keep since “King Timothy will probably be there once [Tim] get[s] there.” At the keep they formally met King Timothy, Bascus, Sir Jacob, and Sir Matite. They debated to no avail before stopping to partake in some of Paige’s cooking. After dinner, one of Niternil’s familiars arrived to show King Timothy the Magi’s Tree grow in “the Contested.” Other leaders of other countries also received this news and everyone watched as the tree burst from the ground into a towering mass.
The party sent word to have money prepared in Sismäll from their Empire account, but due to their failure to convince King Timothy as well as Slevin and Ramiel’s murder charges, Grim, Ahna, and Minae were captured and sent to a prison north of Ren. Ramiel and Slevin were left in Camate, but Leh’fir managed to connect everyone telepathically in order to create a plan. Slevin, disguised as a common stable boy is currently headed towards Erin on foot, ignoring the others and their plans.


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