A large nation ruled by King Timothy. It is not the most wealthy nation, but its citizens are far from starving. The nation is wholly prosperous and one of the most self-sustaining areas on the map. Camate’s military strength is hailed as the strongest in Eln.

Before Camate was a country, it was more of a militia uprising led by Commander Ralt. The land that is now Camate was very similar to “The Contested” in that it was made up of many different independent nations fighting for control. The Marksers and Camate were the two largest forces and in the Marksers last attack, Commander Ralt died from a burning building collapsing on top of him after he saved a mother and her child. As the Camate forces began to split and flee due to the loss of their leader, Timothy took the helm. Timothy managed to crush the Marksers’ offensive and go on to conquer the rest of the land that is currently Camate.

Camate’s capital is Coll.



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