On this page I will outline exactly how to calculate nonlethal damage versus lethal damage in order to clear up any confusion.

When you receive lethal damage you deduct from your total health points, which we will refer to as “Wound Points.” This damage is calculated normally and when you reach -10 or lower you are dead.

When you receive nonlethal damage you deduct from an imaginary pool of health we will refer to as “Vitality Points.” Your maximum vitality point number is equal to your maximum wound point number and likewise as your total wound point number increases, so too does your total vitality point number.

When you reach 0 vitality points you are knocked unconscious and all the damage that follows, nonlethal or otherwise will be considered lethal damage and will be deducted from your wound points. When damage is healed, the characters vitality points will rise first. Until a character’s vitality points are at maximum, they cannot have their wound points healed. If a character is dying (-1 to -9 wound points) and unstable, healing any amount will still stabilize them regardless of whether they still are missing vitality points.


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