This is the world your adventures will take place in.

Eln is what remains after the wars of the old world. The world was once a diverse and large map encompassing many continents and regions. After several wars the use of magic and technology grew to uncontrollable levels. The power of the fabled “Heroes of the Old World” grew so great that not even the deities could contest them. It was only then that the Old Gods stepped in and wiped the map clean of almost all influence. They tore the land asunder and as punishment for the mortals’ insolence left them with only the continent that makes up Eln.

The stories of old have been passed down from the survivors of the Old World and now there are many that fear magic, technology, and even heroes as they could bring about another great cataclysm or even the end of the world.

This history is actually a lie. The gods spread this history in order to save people the fear of knowing the universe’s true history. However, the majority of the world does not yet know the truth.


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