Elven Society

There are many different types of elves in Eln. Although elves of many kinds are not immediately distinguishable from each other to a common eye, most elves can tell immediately based on that elf’s role or manner of conduct. The lowest elves are often still thought of as better than other races by the elves, but ironically a member of another race such as human or dwarf may be treated with more respect; albeit only to their face. The different classes of elves are in large part determined simply by lineage. The elves can be broken down into three distinct classes:

The Aldrites: These are the “high elves” of sorts. They are the purest elves and are considered blessed by Corellon Larethian. These elves are small in number and most take up residence on Aldrir. Some find home elsewhere in Eln, but this is a rare occurrence. Members include:

The Edawr: Although indistinguishable from Aldrites to most non-elves, most elves can tell the difference. These elves are the common elves and are the type encountered most frequently outside of Aldrir. On Aldrir they are given the menial tasks and usually are not able to reach a level above assisting an Aldrite. Members include:

The Awendwil: These elves are made up of elves such as drow or wood elves as well as common elves with poor lineage. These elves are considered scum by many other elves, especially Aldrites. They are still regarded as elves, but usually are cast out of normal society or given work nobody else will do. Members include:

If an elf of higher standing breeds with an elf of lower standing or another race, their children will be regarded as the lower standing. Even that elf of higher standing might be considered lower than before, especially in cases with Edawr. Half-elves are occasionally considered Awendwil, but are usually considered another race and not part of the elven class structure.

Elven Society

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