Reputation in my campaign works much like reputation in many other games. As you interact with an NPC or faction, you or the party as a whole will gain or lose standing with that NPC or faction.

Each player has a reputation standing of their own for each individual NPC that rises and falls according to the actions the player makes that affect that NPC. Likewise, the party as a whole has a reputation standing with each faction that will rise or fall according to the actions any player in the party makes that affect that faction and its members.

As the players each raise their standing with influential NPC’s in a faction, that corresponding faction’s standing will rise with the party as a whole. Likewise, when the party loses standing with a faction, its members’ reputation standings with each member of the party will also drop.

The reputation rankings are as follows:

  • Enemy > Unfriendly > Neutral > Friendly > Ally

Additionally, there is one rank beyond Ally that can be achieved. The rank of Comrade can be achieved only by traveling with an NPC. When any player reaches the Ally standing with an NPC, as long as that NPC is at least neutral with the other party members, the player can recruit them to join the party. After traveling with the NPC, the player can raise their reputation with them higher than the previous maximum, thus reaching the Comrade rank.

The standing ranks grant different levels of cooperation with the player/party which are generally as follows:

  • Enemy: Will attack on sight or show hostility appropriate for the setting and that NPC character
  • Unfriendly: Will be hostile, but will not threaten violence immediately
  • Neutral: Will not go out of their way to help or hurt the player/party
  • Friendly: Willing to help the party with smaller tasks
  • Ally: Willing to help the party with most tasks and allows the party to recruit NPC’s
  • Comrade: Will aid the player/party with almost any task


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