Tetin's Party

Many years ago Tetin was a member of an adventuring party. They traveled all over Eln experiencing many sights and cultures, learning much about the world. Their adventures did not stop on Eln, though. They ventured onto other planes and when they became more powerful, they even confronted gods.

When they were raiding Vecna’s library they came across a peculiar box. When they explored its contents they found a history of the universe different than the one they had known for all of their lives. Gir was the first to find a magical device and, being ever curious, activated it. They were all sucked into a vision depicting the events that unfolded at the time of the Old World’s cataclysm. They saw firsthand the incomprehensible evils that existed outside of their world and what happens when they discover life.

After witnessing such sights, several of the members became very uneasy. The most uneasy was Teller, the young bard. She was so overwhelmed by the sights and by the truth that she committed suicide shortly after. The rest of the group returned to Eln and after the burial of Teller, they disbanded. The remaining members all went their separate ways:

  • Tetin went on to create the Magi
  • Irr went to Oute and created a land of portals to live in solitude
  • Gir was driven to insanity and hid himself on Uun
  • Ralt went on to command Camate’s forces during the uprising until his eventual death after saving a mother and child (at which point Timothy took his position).

Tetin's Party

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