The Eln Empire

An empire based in Erin that has used their military and economic strength to control a great portion of the map. Their circulation of paper money, the Hon, to their controlled territories allows them to dominate those areas economically. Their goal is to control the entire world of Eln.

The Eln Empire is run by the Empire’s Congress.

Since the Magi incident, the Eln Empire had withdrawn many of its forces and enacted several new laws in its regions. Much of the Empire’s wealth had been used in the center of the capital and on its military police forces. Magic and religion are all illegal in the Empire’s territories now, but alchemy and science is allowed under strict supervision.

After Ret destroyed the palace and killed the Congress, King Farnui of North Korth has taken command of the Empire, continuing its harsh police state mentality, even going so far as enacting new, horrible punishments for those who break his laws. With no Congress, Emperor Farnui is now the sole leader and head commander of the Empire.

The Eln Empire

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