The Islands

The islands are mostly autonomous countries sought after by the Eln Empire.

Under the control of the Eln Empire:

Mof: A rich island of fishermen.

Etett: A charter island where ships can he hired out to take travelers anywhere in Eln.

Ift: A formerly prosperous island that has turned into mostly slums now that the fish have stopped coming near the island.

Shur: A strange island made up of thick jungle with only one small port. The entire island is engulfed in a seemingly eternal flame, but everything that burns mysteriously repairs itself.

Mortet: A dormant volcano. Formerly solely a monk island, it is now also a place of trade and ships for hire. The monk temple is run by Teleb.

Not under the control of the Eln Empire:

Mor: An island of monks. Rarely touched by outsiders until the Eln Empire attempted to take control of it.

Aldrir: A large island of elves. The elves here tend to keep to themselves, but have had struggles lately with the Eln Empire’s advances. Aldrir’s capital is Elnmir and its queen is Armiritel.

Maelt: An island of pirates.

Uun: A barren island where unstable magic is fabled to occur.

Teppirn: A very large, long island covered in mostly forest where there is said to be magic. The Eln Empire have cautiously begun moving into the island in order to claim its rich landscape as their own. Residents:

The Islands

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