The Magi

Also known as the “Cult of the Magi,” it is a group of powerful magic users determined to rid the world of extra-planar beings. They believe that the root of the world’s problems now and in the past are due to either the influence or neglect from gods, devils, demons, and other extra-planar powers. They blame the destruction of the Old World on the gods’ negligence and the rise of technology and magic used in wars on the influences from and use of devils and demons. Their goal is to destroy extra-planar beings and their home planes until all that is left is Eln and the Old Gods.

They split between several groups. One group was in charge of continuing their eradication of other planes while the others split up across Eln searching for the last of the 9 keys. Once they have wiped out enough planes they will have enough energy to catalyze the growth of a divine tree. The tree will absorb the energy from all planes except the one it is on. When activated by the presence of the 9 keys the tree can be utilized to cut off the Material Plane from all other planes.

There is no chain of power in the Magi. Instead the members deliberate and make decisions together where no one member’s vote counts above another member’s vote.

The members include:

At the culmination of their plans they used the energies from other planes to grow a gigantic tree which, in turn, soaked up divine energies from all planes and deposited them throughout those present at the base of the tree. Although this was not the plan the Magi had in mind, this was Tetin’s true plan since the beginning. The gods who were stripped of their power were enraged and tore apart Eln in their anger. This incident came to be known as the “Magi Incident.” The stump of the Magi’s Tree remains in the Contested and for some strange reason the powers taken from the gods never returned.

The Magi

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