The Other Side

To the residents of Eln, the Falgir Mountains were the end of the world, but after the magi incident, a magical barrier hiding another side of the mountains from Eln was disrupted. The reason the barrier existed is a mystery, but now that it is gone the dragons from the other side have begun invading Eln. It was legend that dragons lived at the top of the mountain, but in reality there are many dragons and other creatures that have been living and thriving on the other side of the mountains.

The other side consists of a massive expanse of land, dwarfing Eln’s area. It is a frosty tundra closer to the mountain that moves into deserts and wastelands the farther north one travels.

Dragons can be seen flying overhead from time to time, surveying their individual territories or challenging to gain new ones. There are a number of non-dragon civilizations, most of which utilizing technology unheard of in Eln. Many of the residents of the other side are robotic beings or have actually utilized advanced technology to abandon their natural bodies to become robotic themselves. There are smaller towns and cities throughout the land, but most of them have been ravaged and are either dying or dead.

The other side has no distinctive countries, instead it is divided majority by the individual dragons’ territories and, in turn, the highest concentration of chromatic, metallic, or other types of dragons determines the rule of the land. In higher areas of certain types of dragons’ territories, that dragon faction’s laws are more closely obeyed there.

The largest non-dragon city is Hoentel.

The Other Side

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