The True History

The “Old Gods” created the essence that makes up all things at the beginning of time. Something cannot be created from nothing, however, and in creating the basic necessities needed to create, they gave themselves up as offerings. They were not all-powerful beings as history would make them out to be, however; that is not to say they weren’t powerful. Their raw power would be close to that of a Greater Deity. Where their real power came from, however, was their knowledge. They knew all that is and could be. Seeing all, they created the universe.

There were originally 3 siblings that made up the whole of the universe’s contents. These 3 siblings were the Old Gods. They gave their energies up to birth the worlds and stars as well as life itself. The eldest of the 3, the 1st brother, allowed for the existence of everything. The youngest, the 2nd brother, allowed for life and death to exist as a constant circle for all creatures. The sister lent them her energies, but did nothing else.

After giving their energy, the 3 floated as immortal shells of whom they once were. There, in the vastness of space, they remained for eons. None of the 3 were aware of who they were or what they had done, as giving up their energy for the universe drained them of everything. After several uncountable eons, one of the 3, the sister, had a moment of clarity. In this moment, she created free will, magic, and, most importantly, good and evil. From this moment, divinity came into existence and gods, both good and evil, attained power. At the same time, great beings distant from your world also attained power.

In her moment of clarity, the sister recognized her two bothers. She passed the last remnants of herself onto her eldest brother and led the brothers to the nearest planet. That planet is the one on which Eln resides.

The beings that destroyed the Old World all those centuries ago were members of that distant evil the sister allowed to exist. They know nothing but destruction, nothing of remorse. The gods were powerless to stop them and after the Pharonics gave their lives to redirect the beings on a course away from your planet, the rest of your gods spread a false history in order to protect what was left of your world from fear.

Tetin and his group discovered this true history long ago and from then they split. Tetin went on to form the Magi, weaving a web of half-truths in order to become a being akin to that of the Old Gods from legend. The others distanced themselves from the world through solitude, insanity, and death.

The True History

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