Eln Adventures

Story Summary (Part 2)

On his route away from Coll, Slevin stumbled on what appears to be an assassination plan most likely aimed at King Timothy. He manages to hitch a ride with them back to Coll where he and Ramiel aid in saving Bascus. Timothy did not really need saving, but was extremely grateful for their help in saving his advisor.
Needing a master kidnapper, the party hires Baron Zepon to break them out of prison and escape to Colosseum City. There they met Malom and Bon, the Colosseum champions. That night the party meets Tetin and Niternil who have to promptly leave to “bail out Leh’fir.” Afterwards Grimmace meets “the Watcher” (a.k.a. Man) and is given a strange dagger wrapped in a cloth that burns his skin if he touches it. The party was given tickets to see the Colosseum matches live by Malom (as an apology for Bon hitting on the girls) where they learned that their missing weapons were a part of the current Colosseum grand prize. Along with their new friend Kurn Lumeris, the party was soon roped into competing in the Colosseum in order to get their weapons back. They won a handful of matches before losing a close match against strange creatures, one of which being a large, moving tree. They all woke up in the Colosseum infirmary days later, after the grand finals had completed, under the care of Theia Zeston. They were almost immediately approached by Eln Empire officers who had tracked them to the city, but were rescued by Malom and Bon who killed the guards. Malom and Bon stole the grand prize back for the party (an act they did not need to commit as they had rightfully won the prize just minutes before that). All of them together escaped Erin and headed towards Malkiftel.
Malom and Bon were headed for the Crucible, but were willing to make a pit-stop in the City of Thieves so the party and them could sight-see. After assembling the clues throughout the city, the party successfully navigated their way through the heart of the labyrinth and met the real King of Thieves. At his feet was a severely injured Brendan Reeves who had attempted to confront the King of Thieves for his alleged hand in the deaths of members of the Iron Dragnflies. The party managed to convince Brendan that the King of Thieves most likely had no hand in their murder after all and helped him exit the labyrinth. Upon leaving the labyrinth they were quickly greeted by a nearly naked Bon and a blood-soaked Malom who were running from a horde of Areosi gang thugs. Bon had slept with the gang leader’s wife so the gang leader ordered them to be killed. Malom swiftly decapitated him (the head which he casually tossed to the party chiming “Catch!” as the duo ran past). After a brief scuffle the party came out unharmed and now had a master key to open any Areosi storehouse in Malkiftel.
As they were leaving the City of Thieves they ran into Baron Zepon and his flying machine yet again. The party at that point believed they had solved the Magi’s 9 Keys and set out to bring the Keys with them, picking up Timothy on the way, to the Magi’s Tree. Upon reaching the Tree, Tetin silently noticed that although the party’s assumptions on which person was which key were wrong, they had managed to bring properly fitting individuals nonetheless. At that point the Magi began their plan to cut off their plane from the remaining outer planes.
Shortly after starting it appeared that Tetin noticed something wrong and began frantically running around the tree shouting about things not being right. Almost immediately after that the ground shattered and armies descended from the heavens. The land was being devastated by holy armies while the party was surrounded by demigods. The party felt their bodies become heavy and overwhelmed with power when the process started and Tetin explained that they made an error in execution and instead of cutting off the outer planes they were now siphoning divine energy from the other planes and, in particular, the gods on them. The individuals at the base of the tree were all infused with this divine power and Tetin explained that only someone of his magical caliber could handle it without being torn apart. He pleaded with those present to give their energy to him so he could stop and reverse the process, quelling the gods’ wrath.
Everyone is shown visions of the world and people they love being destroyed and killed as the demigods surround them. Tetin informs them that they are safe as long as they have the gods’ power as a hostage, but the raw power will surely kill most of those present there. Alternir is the first to grab Tetin’s arm, sending Tetin his divinity. He looks around to his friends expressing his sentiment that he’s lost one family in the past and is determined to not go through that again. As his eyes meet Niternil’s he is struck in the chest with an attack from a demigod and killing him instantly. The demigods had just received new orders to not allow that much divinity to be gathered in one person. Tetin will erect a barrier as Niternil will begin crying over Alternir’s body. She reaches up and grabs Tetin’s hand, transferring her power to him. Due to the power transfer, Tetin’s power became unstable for a moment allowing a bolt to fly through striking Niternil directly in the head, killing her as well. Her body collapsed lifelessly onto Alternir’s as the remaining Magi looked on in grief. Tetin continued to hold back the demigods and their attacks, but the toll this takes on his body is visible as he drops to a knee.
Raeritt and Zepon attempt to make their own shield long enough for others to give their power to Tetin, but those with less magic inclination have a great deal of trouble even moving towards Tetin under the burden of the dvine energies in their bodies. When they make their barrier and Tetin drops his Martire shouts, “Now’s your chance!” to which Brendan pleaded with the party, “Just stand there if you want to die!” before he and Timothy rushed to give their divinity to Tetin. Leh’fir has likewise been helping abate the demigods slightly, but has remained unusually silent. Malom questioned Leh’fir on why he had not “surrendered” his power like his Magi friends had to which Timothy will quickly pose the same question to Malom. Malom will respond that he is enjoying the new surge of power, to which it seems he is rapidly becoming accustomed to, at which point Bon will place his hand on Malom’s shoulder. Malom will notice Bon is not doing so well and respond “Ha, you’re right! I don’t need this crummy power anyway!” as he helps Bon over towards Tetin so they can give their divinities over as well.
Tetin will appear greatly reinvigorated, but not before Rareitt and Zepon’s barrier gives out. Leh’fir will attempt to hold back the demigod advance, but he is clearly not enough to hold them for long. Grimmace, not trusting Tetin, transferred his power to Leh’fir while the rest party followed in transferring their power to Tetin allowing Tetin to rise back to his feet and tell Leh’fir he can take it from there, sending a burst of energy out that pushes the demigods back. As the demigods recover to their feet, Raeritt and Zepon use the opportunity to transfer their power to Tetin.
Tetin, now possessing everyone’s power apart from Leh’fir’s will look to him and reach out saying, “Leh’fir, my friend, all I need now is yours and we can save our plane. Our home. Our loved ones!”
“Isn’t that convenient?” Leh’fir finally chimed with a strangely indignant tone. “Transfer the power to you making you the most powerful being in existence? I trusted you, Tetin. Why would you stoop so low?”
“Leh’fir, this is no time for ramblings! Quickly, before all is lost!” Tetin pleaded.
Martire will interject with a panicked tone, “Leh’fir, think of Lirin! Think of your sister!” as she motions towards the visions in the sky now depicting his home on Aldrir in flames.
Leh’fir will respond with a calm tone, “I am, Rey. That’s why I refuse to give up this power. Tetin has lied to us all.”
The party questioned Leh’fir on what he was talking about to which he will continue, “At first I thought it could be possible. We could have made a grave miscalculation with the tree… but how? When has Tetin ever been wrong? Even the most mundane task must be exact before he will act. How could something so important go so gravely wrong?!”
Raeritt will respond, “There’s a first time for everything, Leh’fir. He even said it himself, he foresaw this, but hoped it wouldn’t occur.”
Leh’fir will snap back with added vigor, “But it has occurred! And who is the one holding all that power?!”
Tetin, still straining to hold back the now growing force of demigods and holy soldiers, will once again chime in, “Leh’fir, you know I am the only one with the knowledge to wield such power. Anyone else would endanger those he tries to save!”
Leh’fir will begin to slowly approach Tetin, “Knowledge. Indeed an important word. ‘Knowledge to rival the gods’ as well all praised. Funny how you are so willing to share your vast stores of information and yet… nobody ever questions it.” He will stop a few feet away from Tetin and ask, “Tetin, how do you know so much?”
Tetin will smile and sigh towards the ground. He will look towards Alternir and Niternil’s corpses, “I’m sorry, my friend.”
Martire will run to block a blast from Tetin just before it strikes Leh’fir, maiming her body immensely. Leh’fir will then charge Tetin and stab him with a dagger. Tetin will respond, “Do you really believe this is enough to stop me?”
Leh’fir will look him in there eyes and respond, “You tell me.”
Tetin will look down at the dagger and sigh. When he pulls it out he will look at Leh’fir and say, “It seems you have some powerful friends.”
As Leh’fir backs away he returns to his calm tone, “And now the power of the gods will perish with you.”
Tetin will fall to his knees, but grasp Leh’fir’s hand before he is too far away, looking up to speak the words, “Not quite.” Tetin will transfer all of his power to Leh’fir, the act of which allows the demigods to advance once again. Immediately Brendan and Timothy are struck down. Zepon will rush to their aid only to have his legs cleaved off in the process. While Leh’fir and Tetin are engulfed in a blinding light, the individuals at the base of the tree fight off the demigods with the help of the residual divinity still making its way out of their systems. After a short time of battling everyone will hear a shout of “Enough!” as Leh’fir waves his hand towards the demigods as they drop one after the other. Leh’fir will motion right towards what appears to be an unimaginably large army and say, “The great armies of many gods have joined as one and are advancing on our position.” Leh’fir will then wave his hand towards the ground causing it to rend, upturning the entire joint-army.
He will begin to stumble, clearly very distraught. “This power is not meant to be held within one being.” Glowing cracks will begin forming over his face and body. At this point, a familiar voice will be heard from an unknown source, “That should be enough.” A hand will suddenly pierce though Leh’fir’s back and out his chest. The hand will pass back out and as Leh’fir falls he will murmur, “I’m sorry… Lirin…”
The arm that pierced Leh’fir can now clearly be seen as beloning to “the Watcher.” He lifts his pants leg revealing he has no leg there, simply empty space, “Even giving you both those daggers has taken its toll.” As he says this his arm begins to fade away as well, “Seems like this one was pretty bad. Not much time left for me at all.” He’ll pull out a cigarette and light it as both he and Leh’fir’s corpse begin to disintigrate into glowing dust that fades shortly after leaving the body.
When the party questions his identity “the Watcher” will explain that he is the eldest of the original Old Gods and tell the story of Eln’s true history. By the time he finishes he will be nothing more than an ambient voice and a disembodied hand. The sky will flicker and many of the clouds covering the mountain tops will disappear as he speaks his final words, “This new world is one without gods, but that does not mean it is without hardship or without pleasure. Make with it as you will.” He will toss Tetin’s journal to the party before his fingertips disappear into nothingness along with Leh’fir’s body.
Before they can figure out what to do next, both Timothy and Brendan are in critical condition. Raeritt can save only one of them, but the decision needs to be made immediately. Timothy says to save Brendan, but Brendan will insist that Timothy is far more important due to his position as king. Brended orders Slevin to kill him so that there is no possible argument. Shortly after, the entire party passes out from exhaustion.



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