Eln Adventures

Story Summary (Part 3)

The party wakes up in a an unfamiliar room that appears to be some sort of infirmary. There is a figure sitting at a desk at the far end of the room at which point the party notice Baron Zepon’s unique hat next to the figure. Zepon notices they are waking up and stands up to greet them. The party, still slowly making their way into consciousness manage to remember that Zepon lost his legs at the end of the Magi Incident. When they question Zepon he shows them his new mechanical legs built for him by Raeritt. The party members are wobbly and weak and as they regain their barrings Zepon explains that the survivors of the Magi Incident are now pretty much recovered and back to their usual lives. Zepon leaves, but neglects to inform the party of exactly how long they were unconcious. Believing it to not have been more than several days since the incident the party venture out of the infirmary.
They find themselves in a port town in southern Feln. To ease themselves back into normal life they all decide to hit the tavern. There they are seated next to an old man ordering strange items off the menu. They find out that this man is Captain Tarft, a famous pirate captain who has recently had his beloved ship stolen. The party agrees to help him steal it back and in the night they steal an Eln Empire ship and set sail. While on the ship they soon discover that the captain they knocked out to gain access to the ship as well as the navigator are also pirates who had actually kidnapped the ship’s crew just moments before the party kidnapped them as well. They had been hunting down the person who stole Tarft’s ship as they were causing a ruckus for everyone, other pirates included.
They eventually find the ship and learn that it is none other than their old friend Arrinel who took over the ship. The crew could not explain how, but he was simply so convincing they set sail without even questioning whether they should get the captain. Tarft liked Arrinel and let bygones be bygones, especially with how much his crew liked him, so he offered Ari the position of First Mate. Ari will accept, but explain that the reason he needed a ship in the first place was to deliver a letter he got from high up on the mountains. He discovered his heritage lies with dragons, explaining his magic inclination and red hair and eyes. The dragons he met gave him a letter to give to a “Taelmati” located on Uun, but he got distracted by piracy on the way. He also mentions that it has actually been three months since the Magi Incident.
The party will agree to deliver the letter for him in exchange for afterwards the pirates dropping the party off anywhere they wanted. On the way to the island they made a stop in Shur which was mysteriously covered in entirety in a continually burning flame. The party decided to explore this mystery later and continued on to Maelt to resupply and then Uun. When they landed on Uun the party explored around until they came across a strange hut under a rock formation. They were soon met by who seemed to be the owner of the hut returning. The man was Gir and was obviously mentally unstable, speaking in continually changing tones and personalities. He wielded great magic, but had no control over how it happened or who it hit. The party was then met by a naked woman claiming to be Gir’s familiar, Taelmati. The party gave her the letter and she explained that because the dragons’ own gods had perished they needed leaders to step up and control the populations of dragons on the now open Other Side of the mountain, but she is uninterested in the dealings of other dragons. She allows the party to have her invitation in case they wish to use it to explore the Other Side.
Since waking up in Feln, Kurn had been acting strangely. He was more violent and short tempered as opposed to his former self fueld with justice and righteousness. The party had begun to take notice, but not before Gir switched to a rather violent personality who was not able to be calmed down by the other personalities. He threatened Kurn and Kurn stood his ground. Kurn rashly snaps back and they agree to a fist fight outside of the tent. They exchange a few blows, but despite agreeing to not use magic Gir throws a fist that appears to spark as it stops just in front of Kurn’s face. Taelmati begins to slowly back away and several party members and Ari follow suit. Moments later Slevin explodes in a spontaneous, firey eruption leaving a crater in the sand.
While most are distracted by Slevin’s strange demise and Gir examines his hand, Taelmati approaches Kurn. She taps his forehead and proceeds to tear out his soul and put it into a bottle. As his body collapses lifelessly onto the ground the party questions what she is doing. Taelmati will explain that Kurn had a residual amount of divinity still bound to his soul which is what was throwing his personality out of balance. She will need to keep his soul in order to study it. When party attempts to retrieve the bottle they cannot reach it due to some sort of barrier. They are forced to abandon Kurn, but are pointed towards Teppirn as a place they can “reincarnate” Slevin into a new body. When the party returns to the boat they learn there is a stowaway by the name of Celestine Valentine whose life the crew spares as long as he works his weight.
The party departs and lands on the northern coast of Teppirn and, along with Celestine, they disembark. They are soon met with a dense forest that appears to have recently been trampled by soldiers. The trees seem to be blocking their pathway deeper into the forest as they attempt to reach the inner depths. Before they harm the trees to make their way inside, Minae stops them. Noticing this, a wood elf appears from inside the forest and asks the party who they are. Learning they are not the Eln Empire that trampled this area before he introduces himself as Urteel and invites them into the woods.
The party makes their way through the dense woods and reaches a clearing full of strange creatures, animals behaving like men, and men behaving like animals. People are singing, dancing, and the whole area appears to be one giant party. They are greeted by an elderly man dressed in a robe made of leaves who introduces himself as Ardel. Before the party can introduce themselves he invites them to join the festivities. The party learn that Teppirn is a land of nature ruled only by the laws of nature, left alone for centuries. Although they were thought to have gone extinct, many druids populate the dense forests there. Although the residents are tasked with keeping balance in the forest, they party and relax often, much to Urteel’s chagrin.
The party decides to explore aroundat which point they are all seemingly pushed through trees. Each party member falls out of a separate tree somewhere on the island. As they make their way around several of the party members discover the southern portions of the island they are now on are populated by dinosaurs. The party members who arrived in the middle area of Teppirn learn they are trespassing on a sacred grove. Gigantic treants politely inform those members of where they are and, albeit slowly, help them draw a map to get back to the druids. The party members in the south are chased around and almost eaten before an earth-shaking roar can be heard. The dinosaurs currently pursuing the individual party members (some of which had found each other) scatter. A dinosaur of massive size known as “the Mother” will rise over the treetops and begin making its way towards the party members. The party members will make their way to shore where they are rescued by Ardel riding on the back of a colossal bird known as a roc.
Ardel gets those members back to safety and likewise retrieves the members in the sacred grove. Before they continue they realize the monk, Ahna, is still missing. The party learns that their being pushed through trees was a pixie prank and when questioned the pixies lead the group to where Ahna should have emerged. With the help of a dryad’s scrying they learn that immediately after exiting the tree, Ahan dropped into a portal, but the dryad is not skilled enough to know where it led.
Ardel takes the rest of the party back to the main camp to find someone woke up his two horrid bear companions who are now wreaking havoc on the area of the festivities. With nothing more than a quick whistle the two gigantic, chitinous bears heel and return to their napping spot after Ardel calmly pets them. The party goers swiftly pick themselves back up and continue the festivities as if nothing had happened. Ardel introduces the party to his granddaughter, Auranel, and says that they can reincarnate Slevin in the morning.
In the morning Ardel uses a special form of reincarnation to bring Slevin back, this time in the form of a Korthian Minotaur. While Slevin gets accustomed to his new body the party offers to take Auranel with them after she expresses a wish to see the outside world. Although Urteel does not approve, her grandfather thinks it is a splendid idea. Auranel will call her animal companion, Spot, who surprises the party by being one of the very same type of dinosaurs that chased them in the south, a fleshraker.
The party will then disembark for Ift where they split up with the pirates. The party make a deal with smugglers under the guise of Eln Empire cargomen to smuggle them past Empire waters, but are double-crossed and sold into the Eln Empire’s military. They are taken to a training camp in Ren, all the while not being recognized as wanted criminals after the chaos the Magi Incident has caused in the world. They learn that the Empire has become a military police state and people are being forcibly drafted as well as sold into conscription on a daily basis. At the training camp several of them show a great deal of prowess earning them a better standing. They learn of an assassin called Ret, short for “the Empire’s Retribution.” The party members are assigned to units to patrol the palace halls in order to stop any attempts on congress members’ lives. Ret had threatened to kill a particular congress member, a representative from Hilm, and although Grimmace almost managed to stop him, Ret succeeded in his assassination. Ret seemingly disappeared into thin air after silently jumping through a window, implying he had some sort of magical inclination.
The next day Ret issued a threat on the Emperor’s life to which all available personnel were sent to the palace to protect him. The party met Ret after chasing him through the halls of the palace. They learned of his plan to rig explosives in the offices of the congress members, using his threat on the Emperor’s life as a decoy. The party, sharing a distaste for the Eln Empire, especially their new policies, allowed him the carry out his plan. The next morning, in the Congress’s hubris, the Congress met to gloat about Ret’s failed attempt on the glorious Emperor’s life. The party assumed the explosives were targeted, but that very same morning during a congressional meeting, the entire palace was blown sky high killing all inside and around the palace. Great masses of treasure from the vaults were revealed and Ret projected a vision to the people of Ren telling them to take back the riches that were so rightfully theirs as the Empire was no more.
The party was split between those who wanted to help themselves to treasure and those who wanted to take the opportunity to flee. Likewise, much of the drafted military there were having the same conflict while personnel were being loaded into caravans to protect the palace wealth. The party, in large part due to Auranel’s curiosity, rushed towards the treasure, collecting a great deal of wealth and loading it into abandoned caravans. While collecting treasure Theia found a mace belonging to Cuthbert and kept it. The party found a number of other treasures including a strange, metallic bow which Celestine kept. While in the pile of treasure they also noticed a man who perfectly fit Ahna’s description of the monk who helped her with her weapon last time they were in the city. He was collecting art and other valuables from the pile as well as what appeared to be Thor’s hammer, an item he managed to pick up with ease.
Markleptar helped them bring their treasure to his house and hid it underneath by literally picking up a chunk of the ground and putting it back on top the treasures. The party questioned his true nature and upon showing him the invite meant for Taelmati he revealed he is actually an ancient gold dragon. He transformed into his true form and offered to let the party tag along with him to the Other Side.



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