Eln Adventures

Story Summary (Part 4)

While on the back of the ancient gold dragon, Markleptar El-Meilin, the party shared their stories of the Magi Incident and heard about Markleptar’s own experiences. Grimmace asked Markleptar for one of his scales so that he could make armor and Markleptar agreed as long as her could managed to remove it himself. Grimmace repelled down Markleptar’s leg while still flying hundreds of feet in the air and after a great struggle managed to retrieve a single scale (a single scale larger than his entire body, that is). Before reaching the gateway through the other side, Markleptar easily regenerated the scale with a tap of his claw.
Passing through the gates the party saw the peculiar landscape of the Other Side as well as a number of the strange, unfamiliar creatures that lived there. After a while in the air they reached a massive summit in the heart of which many metallic dragons had perched themselves. This summit was home to the metallic dragon council and they would be beginning centuries of debates once the rest of the council arrived. Not realizing Markleptar had no intention of returning to Eln just yet the party consulted to two silver dragons in the form of half-elves on what to do next. The silver dragons told them about Hoentel and that, as the largest non-dragon civilization, it would be the party’s best hope of getting home.
The party hitched a ride with a bronze dragon to the bottom of the summit and, escaping his stories, started making their way south towards Hoentel. Hoentel is in the center of the most sacred dragon graveyard in the world so in order to get there they would need to make their way there carefully. On the way, however, they stumbled upon the lair of a blue dragon. The blue dragon played some tricks on them and ultimately attacked. The party were saved by a copper dragon distracting the blue dragon long enough for them to escape to some nearby ruins. They had nowhere safe to hide in the ruins apart from a cellar full of corpses, a place they did not wish to stay. Their only two options were head for a forest to the southeast or head to a rock formation due south. Getting close enough to the rock formation revealed a sulfur smell, indicating it was the very likely a red dragon’s lair.
They hid just in time to see a massive red dragon emerge and perch itself atop the rocks. It took off in the direction of where the blue and copper dragons were still fighting. The party hid in the cellar in the ruins and tried to hold out as the red dragon dropped the bloodied bodies of both the copper and blue dragons on the ground above them. Auranel summoned earth elementals to hold the ceiling up, but after some time the dragons’ territory dispute was too much and the ceiling collapsed. The red dragon breathed flames on the blue dragon, catching the corpses that the party were now hiding under on fire, forcing several of the likewise burning party members to roll out and put out their flames. The red dragon questioned the party and was intrigued by their peculiar smell long enough to learn they are from Eln. The party learned that the red dragon is named Shiodask and is mighty enough to hold territory as a chromatic dragon even this close to the metallic dragon summit. Before they are killed, the silver dragons from before swoop down to rescue them, propelling the party miles forward and out of immediate danger with gusts of wind.
The party continued south encountering a number of strange burrowing creatures that seemed to be stalking them. They began running and just before they were done for the pursuit stopped. The party had stepped on land that was less sandy and more craggy. They determined that this must be the edge of the dragon graveyard and whatever those creatures are, they dare not enter. They soon approach a large black dragon dressed in golden armor who seems to summon a fog that engulfs the party. The party attempts to wade their way through the fog only to have a second voice say “That is enough.” as the fog dissipated. They party notice that despite walking for what felt like hours they were only a few feet from where they started. As they once again approached the black dragon, it disintegrated into nothing but the armor and a skeleton as they passed it.
Continuing farther into the graveyard, the party encounter another dragon in similar golden armor, but this one seemingly being made of pure emerald. It simply watched them as the approached it, moving naturally as if it were made of flesh and muscle. When they questioned it about the black dragon, it informed them it was that dragon’s time, but refused to answer most of their other questions. At this point, the party continued south.
As the day turned to night they began to hear and see faint wisps of shadow move around them. As they picked up their pace it became clear that something seemingly literally made of shadows was following them. As they ran it began rising out of the shadows about to strike Ramiel when a massive spire in the distance fired several glowing bolts that struck the shadow dead when it crossed a mysterious red in on the ground.
A number of strange, horseless caravans approached the party and brought them into the vast city of Hoentel. The party quickly learned that Hoentel is far more advanced both technologically and magically than all of Eln. Upon learning they are from the other side of the mountain, they were put up in a hotel free of charge and told they would be fetched in the morning to meet with Hoentel’s leader. The party, beyond exhausted at this point, graciously accepted the accommodations. The next day they met with President Kaan only to have their meeting interrupted by black and white dragons attacking the city. Alarms sounded and the party was brought underground with the president to see first hand the “Colossuses.” These massive creatures are formed from a lineage’s genes spliced with an ancient race of giants and allow the city of Hoentel to fight off the dragons that so often attack the city. After the battle finishes they party are told to enjoy their time in the city, but are informed that Hoentel has no means for them to reach Eln.
The party explores the city and its vast libraries in order to soak up as much information as they can. They sell gold and gems in order to get some korba to afford new clothes and items. They also learn of a man called Walker who has, for many years, told stories of a land called “Eln” that most simply took to be fairy tales. The party managed to track down Walker who told them about a portal he planned to use in a month’s time that can take them all back to Eln. At the same time they also learned that the journey through the graveyard that seemed like hours had actually been over 6 months of time, most likely due to the fog brought on by the black dragon at the start of the graveyard. They learned that Farnui was now head of the Eln Empire and the changes to Eln that followed his crowning.
While biding their time until they can leave through the portal with Walker, the party has split up over Hoentel. However, it has not been all peaceful. Several days after the party met Walker, Hoentel was attacked yet again, this time by numerous dragons. Slevin had been under the influence of what he believed was a super powerful drug called “the block.” In actuality it was a fey enchantment used as a prank to make people think the block had special properties. While under its influence the dragons’ combined frightful presences caused him to have a heart attack and bleed to death internally. He was later reincarnated as an asherati by Auranel. Luckily Minae avoided death by being rescued by a dragon slayer who Theia and her befriended the day before the attack. Now simply killing time until their journey home, the party have continued their separate tasks. Celestine is waiting to auction off his bow, which has been identified as a rare Olympian metal worth hundreds of thousands. Grimmace has been working on his armor he is building out of the scale given to him by Markleptar. Minae and Auranel spend most of their day playing with their animal companions in the park; an act that many view as a performance, earning them small amounts of korba. Ramiel has traded in his human body to become a “warforged,” a mechanical being frequently seen on the Other Side. He has been spending the month becoming accustomed to his new body. Theia spends most of her time absorbing as much information from the library as she can. Lastly, Slevin has been exploring and doing his part in the Hoentel society (and underground society) as well as yet again becoming accustomed to a new body.



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