Eln Adventures

Story Summary (Part 1)

The members of the party wake up in an unknown place in extremely large shackles. They do not know who each other are or how they came to be in this place. The shackles appear to be mithril and have an ornate BZ etched into them. Ahna, the monk, and Minae, the ranger, have their shackles connected.
They discover that they are in the Dead Lands and begin walking along the Long Green in order to find a suitable path out. They were warned not to enter the forest as there are terrible things that lurk inside of it, but they venture in anyway. Along the way they meet two men who have been living in the forest. The larger one, Barth, wields a wrecking ball of shackles and can easily snap a tree with it. The men explain that the real reason people die in the forest is because of the bandits that patrol the outer edge and asks them to join him in trying to take them down so they can all escape together. The party tentatively agrees and they turn in for the night. Grimmace, the blacksmith, is left on watch but succumbs to a sleep effect. The party is attacked by the two men who are revealed to be cannibals and the real reason people have been dieing in this part of the forest.
They convince Barth to side with them and kill the other man. They then confront the bandits at the outer edge of the forest. They kill all but one, an elven bandit, and Barth dies in the process. The elf cuts their shackles’ chains and points them in the direction of the bridge across the West Run and into “the Contested.”
In “the Contested” they find better clothes, using the cut mithril links as currency. They make their way to South Korth, letting the ranger go ahead in a carriage due to her wounds from the battles.
The group needed to remove their shackles, but the guards would not let them into the forge. Grim went to the head of operations to attempt to gain access and stumbled into an argument between the operations manager and Maer, South Korth’s Captain of the Guard. Maer needed more experienced soldiers to help her stopping a “small advance” by North Korth on the border. The two noticed Grim and Maer bet that even the unknown dwarf is probably more experienced than the greenhorns he sent to her. Afterwards Maer stormed out of the office, Grim in tow.
Meanwhile, Ramiel, the alchemist, discovered a strange alchemy lab and met Fluffy.
In addition, Slevin was reunited with his pet rat and met Arrinel, a gypsy attempting to get aid to help his fellow gypsies out of North Korth.
Ahna, in an attempt to access the South Korth library, ended up going between two retired adventurers and, with the help of Grim, managed to get the two ex-adventurers’ records of their journey.
When they were finally allowed into the forge after agreeing to aid Maer, they all had their shackles removed and were given armor and weapons. The next morning they all made their way to the border only to discover it was all a trap to capture Maer. They met King Farnui and Rallen, who turned out to have been undercover as the elven bandit from a few days back, before being thrown into the dungeon. In the North Korth dungeon they discovered Ari’s fellow gypsies. Thanks to some trickery on Ari and the party’s accord they managed to escape the cells and get their items back only to be foiled before making it out of the castle. Slevin managed to not be noticed while disguised as a North Korth guard.
They agreed to bring Queen Uhren to North Korth to witness a set of games pitting Maer against Rallen for Maer to play for her life. An Eln Empire representative chose the tasks and in the end Maer was victorious thanks to Slevin’s clever plan. Victorious they were allowed to return to South Korth to show the Empire representative, who was acting as judge, good faith. Back in South Korth they were rewarded for their help in saving Maer.
The party, along with Ari, then headed through Tetr and into Opp’n. The stopped into the capital, Ool, where they met Coach, an Adventurer’s Guild representative. They gathered supplies and Ramiel discovered Fluffy had moved into his home and shop in Ool. After gathering some information on Baron Zepon, they headed north to Grim’s home where apparently devils had begun moving into this plane.
When they arrived they found the entire town wiped out and Coach, who left ahead of them, battling several devils. After defeating most of the lesser ones, they watched as Coach wrestled with a large Horned Devil before the match was interrupted by the arrival of Ar’telok. The party learned that Baator, the plane of hell, had been destroyed and the arch-devils all slain with it. Ar’telok was there to conquer this plane and make it a new hell. He fled when he discovered this is the plane that is home to “the Magi.”
After returning to the capital to rest and parting ways with Ari, they made their way to Malkiftel. At the Eln Empire Base they cashed in the receipt for the devil mission netting the newly formed “Wandering Savants” 1 million Hon into their account. They then made their way to the town of Malkom where they discovered a labyrinth underneath Malkiftel. They traversed the labyrinth only to discover the King of Thieves in an underground library. He had been the one stealing the smokers, a potent drug, from the people of Malkom, but allowed the party to take all the smokers and some blacksmithing books in exchange for the adventurers’ compendium. They sold most of the smokers, but kept a large number for themselves, much to Slevin’s delight.
They then made their way to Trillan, Slevin’s home, only to discover two of Slevin’s fellow Iron Dragonflies had been killed when a building collapsed on them. The head of the Iron Dragonflies, Brendan Reed, was convinced the King of Thieves was behind the incident, causing Sonia to worry about his mental state. When they ventured into the labyrinth, they discovered a different King of Thieves at the end this time. This king was a woman with many other women around her throne instead of books. Brendan immediately killed her and donned her mask before sitting in her throne. Ramiel threatened Brendan before the party left, leaving him there and both Slevin and Sonia hoping their boss was doing the right thing.
Meanwhile, Ahna had been kidnapped and was being sold as an exotic slave. The party rescued her, also rescuing around 40 orphan children in the process.
The party then made their way to Minae’s home in Sismäll. Once at her home they left the orphans, much to her parents “delight,” and ventured to Ferr. The animals had apparently been acting strangely lately and when they arrived it was as if they were guarding to prevent anyone from entering the forest. The party managed to get past the animals, but as the ventured through the forest they found a number of illusions and traps set. When they got to about the center they were dropped into holes repeatedly by use of magic. Eventually they were freed and a kind elf that they met in Opp’n brought them into a magical bubble deeper in the forest. There is where they met the various members of the Magi. Tetin was in his room and the party was informed not to disturb him. The party stayed with the Magi for several days before Tetin emerged and informed them it was safe to leave then. The party left with newfound knowledge and several magical items and enchantments courtesy of Raeritt.
The party then went to Tüll and met Coach once again. Coach gave them a mission for killing a Hill Giant that had been terrorizing farms under a bandit organization’s orders. The party killed the giant and because of their great work, Coach gave them the mission to kill all of the bandits that had been plaguing the farms of Sismäll. Slevin infiltrated the bandits and when ordered to get the giant’s corpse back to their base up the hill, he got help from Grim. This made the bandits suspicious and Grim was questioned. The other party members eventually made their entrance and it culminated into a slaughter of bandit after bandit, majority thanks to Grim. During the fight, the ranger created vines and brambles to tangle the bandits. These plants caught on fire when several flasks fell on them, causing a massive burning pile of plant matter and bandit corpses. When a container of Fluffy was dropped on the fire it expanded and resulted in a massive pressure explosion.
When the party returned they were praised for wiping out the bandits and invited to have an audience with the Eln Empire’s Emperor. Before leaving they met Alternir and Raeritt and were invited for a drink. That night Slevin and Raeritt shared a bed, leaving Slevin in a great deal of pain the next morning due to Raeritt’s violent mating habits.
When they arrived in Ren they all split up to take care of various tasks. Ahna went to find someone to help enchant her weapon and after a while discovered, on the outskirts of the city, a glowing man, Markleptar El-Meilin, who offered to help her in exchange for a piece of art worth however much Ahna believed the enchants would be worth. Ahna attended an auction the next day to acquire a vase the man found suitable.
Meanwhile, Grim and Minae met Leh’fir again and were invited to stay at his home in Ren for the night. Slevin was partaking in one of Ren’s many red light districts before joining them with Leh’fir. That night Leh’fir told them more about the Magi’s goals and the party offerend to help look for the 9 Keys. Ramiel got a hotel room. The next morning they all met up and had their audience with the eccentric Emperor who gave them all a distinction for their great service to the Empire. Wandering Savants was then given a mission to convince King Timothy to yield to the Empire or kill him.
Before leaving, Slevin met a palace cleric and began to court her. At the same time, Ramiel created several potions with the purpose of causing Slevin to become impotent. He planned to do so to teach Slevin a lesson about self control. Ramiel gave the potion to Slevin who took some himself and also slipped some into the cleric’s drink without knowing what it was. When he found he could not get it up any longer he left. On the journey to Camate, Slevin became extremely ill and a day later they received a letter informing them Slevin and Ramiel were wanted for the murder of the palace cleric. As Slevin grew sicker, they realized the alchemist’s potion was to blame. Ramiel made what he thought was a cure, but due to a mix up during testing the potion did not work Slevin had hoped. The potion cured Slevin’s sickness, but caused the impotence to become permanent.
Once in Camate they were greeted by a cheerful stable boy, Tim. Upon reaching the keep they learned that King Timothy was not there and would most likely not be back until this evening. Slevin split off and found the stable boy working at the inn and helped him in his work. Later they helped out the bartender unload crates and then met up with a girl named Paige in order to sweep the streets. The rest of the party met up with them and helped sweep as well. All the while Tim avoided the somewhat obvious fact that he was actually King Timothy before offering to check out the keep since “King Timothy will probably be there once [Tim] get[s] there.” At the keep they formally met King Timothy, Bascus, Sir Jacob, and Sir Matite. They debated to no avail before stopping to partake in some of Paige’s cooking. After dinner, one of Niternil’s familiars arrived to show King Timothy the Magi’s Tree grow in “the Contested.” Other leaders of other countries also received this news and everyone watched as the tree burst from the ground into a towering mass.
The party sent word to have money prepared in Sismäll from their Empire account, but due to their failure to convince King Timothy as well as Slevin and Ramiel’s murder charges, Grim, Ahna, and Minae were captured and sent to a prison north of Ren. Ramiel and Slevin were left in Camate, but Leh’fir managed to connect everyone telepathically in order to create a plan. Slevin, disguised as a common stable boy is currently headed towards Erin on foot, ignoring the others and their plans.



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