The Empire's Retribution


A shorter man who wears a black cloak and hood. He wears a mask just like that of the King of Thieves.


He is a killer who has sworn to dismantle the Eln Empire due to their oppressive laws and police state mentality. Nothing is known about him or his past, but he clearly has experience with assassination. It is said he is “a child of Malkiftel,” but there is no confirmation of this.

He threatened to kill the Emperor, but in actuality never planned to kill him on the night he promised. He issued the threat and took advantage of the increased guard on the Emperor to set up explosives throughout the palace. When he “failed” to kill the Emperor, this lulled the Congress into a false sense of security. When they gathered, unafraid, the next morning Ret detonated the explosives which toppled the entire palace and killed every member of the Congress as well as the Emperor. He, along with many Ren citizens, then robbed the treasury with the intent to spread the wealth through all the countries that have been oppressed by the Eln Empire.


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