Each quest or story arc has a base number of experience points that are awarded upon its completion. Each player that participated in the quest or arc, regardless of the size of their contribution, receives this number at the successful end of the quest or story arc.

Players also receive the experience of any NPC’s or monsters killed. It does not matter who dealt the killing blow; all players present for the fight (those that had to roll for initiative) receive the battle experience at the end of the fight. (Loot will not automatically be awarded and will only be gained if the players decide to loot the bodies).

The final type of experience is role play experience. RP experience is calculated based upon each individual player’s both RP amount and any advancement in the quest or story arc achieved through their RP. RP experience will be awarded as the players play (i.e. a player talks their way past the guards to reach a blocked off area will, at the end of the successful coercion, receive a small amount of RP experience on the spot).

Leveling up will not take effect until the end of a session. If you receive enough experience to level in the middle of a session you will not receive any increase to skills, feats, etc until the following session.

The GM will not be keeping track of your experience and therefore it is up to you to properly keep the number of experience points you have. Honor system, etc, etc.

Lastly, a new experience point penalty is in effect. Starting at noon, for every 10 minutes (rounded up) a player arrives after the GM, their character will lose 100 experience points. If you lose enough experience to drop a level you will lose that level on the spot before we begin the session. This experience point penalty will not affect those will a valid excuse (i.e. had to feed their sick grandmother’s cats or save a room full of puppies from a burning building).


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