This is the largest city on the Other Side. There are a great number of residents, both natural and robotic, in Hoentel. The city has many incredibly tall buildings and is a technological wonderland with a thriving population.

The city is located in the middle of one of the most sacred dragon burial grounds and because of this the city is often targeted by vindictive dragons wishing to cleanse the city and its people off the grounds. In response, the city has created the Colossuses, beings bred from ancient giant DNA and fitted with robotic parts and armor. The Colossuses are also bred with the DNA of the pilots allowing only them or someone sharing their lineage to pilot that particular Colossus.

The city’s people do not earn income for most jobs and instead work in return for all their base needs (i.e. food, shelter) being fulfilled. The city does, however, have the korba, a currency earned and used for nonessential jobs and goods such as art or, on the less legal side, drugs.

Hoentel’s government is led by an elected official and their current president is President Kaan.


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